The easy child/tutoring/lawyer front...

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  1. Shari

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    Checked out Sylvan today. Think they can help easy child. Will know more tomorrow.

    Also spoke to a lawyer. Got some good advice from him, both as a lawyer and as a divorced father and rural neighbor. He said to pick an activity for easy child to be in, especially this summer, send mom a letter about it, with the schedule, etc, and if mom doesn't reply, sign easy child up and start taking her. If she misses events because mom won't take her or won't less us, our case becomes a no-brainer.

    He said the same for tutoring. Tell her we had the evaluation done, its costing this much, its on these days, and take her. Again, if mom throws a road block, take it to court.

    I also tossed out one more question. After asking her mom to let easy child go with us on the company picnic, her mom bawled me out for taking all this extra time away from her, and said she sure would like that extra time back. I asked the lawyer how the court views that, and he said the visitation schedule is the minimum if no other agreement can be reached - its not the max we're allowed to have her, and all that time at mom's isn't "mom's right" to have her all of that time...its a minimum guideline. He said we should ask anytime we have an extra activity come up that easy child would like to attend. So we're going to.

    I hope this works out.

    I did not talk to her about the porn yet, either. A) I didn't want to be upset when I do, and B) I didn't want her upset for the evaluation this morning. I think she's just going to lose some minor computer time, and we'll talk about image and healthy sex and how that stuff ISN"T it. Later this evening.

    We are going out to eat tonight. The in-home's secret spy will be there observing. Fun.
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    I have always wished for my difficult children dad to ask for extra time with difficult child. Not for me. For her. I thought it would be so cool if he just stopped by and took her out for an ice cream or something extra to make her feel special to him.

    It is good you want to have her there.

    Sylvan is expensive - but I have heard great things.

    Mom sounds like an angry person.
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    She is lucky to have you pulling for her, I hope things work out so she can be with you all more and gain the extra stability in her life.