The entitlement never ceases to amaze me

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by tawnya, May 15, 2010.

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    difficult child is throwing a huge fit right now because we won't "let" her move into our empty rental property. Actually, we have two, but one is occupied, and the other renter just up and left without even telling us.

    She thinks that we should a) let her live in the empty house that we are trying to rent or b) kick the nice rent-paying tenant out of the other house. Why? Because she wants a HOUSE!

    Now, this being said....she and her boyfriend are living in an apartment paying about $300 less per month than we can get from the rentals. She got fired from her last job (again) for running her mouth -- cussing out the boss. Her dad is a *&$*(S)(##**! And she is still not working or trying.

    She told her dad that everything is FINE -- she is moving closer to boyfriend's mom and dad because they CARE about her. Her dad just gave her $100 for groceries less than a week ago. I hope they care more!

    AND...she is getting married and they are having babies. And no one can stop her.

    Like I have said before, I can't even believe her dog is still alive.

    Thankfully, I think her dad is finally "getting" it. It's been a long, hard road for that to happen. And he wishes he had the $100 back.

    May God help the southside of Indianapolis, LOL.
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    Tawnya ~ Yes - I am amazed at these kids entitlement demands ~

    My kids feel they are owed everything and I apologize for everything I have.

    You sound like you have healthy boundaries with your daughter ~

    Way to go Mom ~
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    oh no, i think you just gave me glimpse of kangas future
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    Boy, do I know how you feel. My difficult child is an only child and her dad and I worked hard on raising her to be unspoiled. When it comes to "things", she really is pretty good. She never expected (or wanted) to wear the name brands, She claims to be the "last teen on earth" to have gotten a cell phone (we had the gall to make her wait until she was a HS freshma!).

    But now... she dropped out of college with-out warning us and took off with a guy she'd met on the internet ...three weeks prior. She went from VA to NC with him and we did manage to get her back home and we told her she had to have a job and be on her own before she could run off and play house.

    She now expects us to help her buy a car. She does not have a job. Hasn't looked for a job, has about 2,300 in the bank (which we are not allowing her access to right now) and expects a CAR. No, my dear, I am very sorry. It doesn't work that way. She just moved in with-me after living with dad for a few months following her little incident. I told her it's time to get a job and THEN we can talk about a car.

    Sigh. If I had rental property, she'd be eyeing it, too. She actually thinks she can get a job and move right into a three bedroom apartment. Where do they get these ideas? It's not like she was handed whatever she wanted her whole life. Quite the opposite.