The Eulogy for my Dad

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    Hi, I'm Janet, I'm Bill's Daughter and he waited 11 years to have me. Im pretty sure my Dad is grinning at me right now because if any of you have ever been introduced to me by him, you know that is exactly the way he always did it, so I decided to use it one last time.

    I want to tell you a bit about my Dad.
    I dont think my first word was mama, baba or dada. I think it was RECO. My earliest memories of my Dad all center there. Running down the hall to his office and seeing him standing in his doorway with that big grin waiting to pick me up. Going out to Byrd Airport to meet his plane while I pressed my tiny face against the chain link fence for a glimpse of my Dad walking down the steps and then running to meet him.

    The smell of Brut aftershave or a pack of Benson and Hedges.

    I will never forget the times we spent up in Reading MA, with our family- my Uncles and cousins. I always had a blast and he loved them so much. I remember my cousins telling me how lucky I was to have Uncle Bill for a Dad. I thought they were lucky to have siblings!

    For most of my life, I couldnt think of my Dad without thinking of RECO. They were one in the same to me. I knew my Dad's work number -MI4-2611- before any other kid in Kindergarten! Heck, look, I still know it now and I didnt have to Google it!

    I want to thank RECO and especially his former boss and dear friend of over 30 years Mr. Bob C. for his dedication and support of our family.

    My Dad was also a wonderful grandfather, or Papa, as my boys called him. They adored him. The first to come along was William or Billy to us family. Papa really dted on that first blond blue-eyed baby boy. Billy grew up to be his gadget and computer partner. He also lost all that blond hair! Then came Jamie, the one that would follow in Papa's footsteps. From and early age Jamie set his goal to be a Marine like his Papa and in June of 2003 he did it. He graduated parris Island 60 years after his beloved Papa. When they saluted each other on that tarmac I dont know who cried more. I know I think I gave my dad his best gift - a Marine of his own. My Last son is Cory. Cory was Papa's smart, funny, charming and impish little boy who just adore his grandfather. While at camp one year, he carved him a wooden spoon out of a block of wood with a simple knife and they still have it today.

    My kids werent perfect kids, just like I wasnt a perfect daughter but one of the things I appreciated the most about my father was the way he and my step-mom, Pat, supported me in whatever parenting issues arose. That was more than some folks I know had. I always felt like he had my back.

    I guess most people know that I am my Dad's daughter from his first marriage. it may sound odd but I am glad that my parents divorced and my Dad met someone who made him happy. That was all I could ever ask for. For that, Pat, I have forever been thankful. You loved my Dad- he loved you.

    Whenever I hear the term "The Greatest Generation" I always think about Dad and the men that he introduced me toat the Marine reunions we went to in Vincennes, Indiana. He wasnt one to talk much about his time in the service but to know how he felt all you had to do was see his car or house and know "Once a Marine, always a Marine" is so true.

    I know that I have always felt a bit special because I am both the daughter and mother of Marines.

    I have always be comforted by thinking that, as the Marine Corps Hymn says, the Streets of Heaven are being guarded by United States Marines - and they just added my Dad to their ranks.

    To end this, I want to say to my Dad who I am sure can hear me:
    Dad, Its ok now.
    Your little girl is ready to do it on her own.

    I will always love you.
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    Janet, you couldn't have put it more beautifully my friend.

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    I thought this might help steely.
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    Janet, that's beautiful!!!!! (((HUGS))) I'm so sorry for your loss.
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    Janet, is this what you read at the funeral? It's lovely and heart-felt.

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    Beautiful Janet!
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    I have no words, Janet, and I can barely imagine how difficult it was to deliver.
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    That is beautiful!! I give you so much credit for being able to stand up and read that. I would open my mouth and nothing would come out. I would turn into a blubbering idiot :)
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    Aw, Janet, that made me cry! That was just beautiful! I feel like I knew your dad now.
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    Truly beautiful just like his daughter. Thank you for sharing it with us. (((((hugs)))))
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    Ditto, Janet. It reeks of love and devotion. DDD
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    Janet, that was absolutely beautiful. You made me cry.
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    Oh, Janet, that's beautiful.
    Love the old ph # that started with-an alphabetical prefix. I remember those days!