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    Hi! I am relatively new to this site but have been posting in the General forum for the most part. I had so many people recommend "The Explosive Child" that I went to 3 book stores this weekend just to find it. Only 1 of the 3 stores had it in stock and I got the last one today actually! I have only read a couple of pages and already I love his perspective.

    I heard there are alot of posts in this forum on this book but I cannot find them. Can anyone point me in the right direction and/or let me know how this book has helped them?

    I have an apt this week with a new therapist for my son, who will be 12 this week. We have seen the "best" behavioral therapist for almost 4 years now and his approach has been focused on discipline. He feels my son knows what he is doing and needs to be "punished" for his actions. This approach has simply not worked and this new therapist seems to follow the methods the book discusses. So I have a bit of hope now, knowing there are other approaches. My son is not a bad child. I am beginning to feel it is a brain issue and not a behavioral one, although I do realize the importance of him understanding his actions have consequences! My mind races with the ways we should have done things differently but now I am trying to be open to new ideas.

    Anyway, I am glad to have found this site and this forum. I look forward to hearing your stories and sharing ideas. Hang in there, Parents! We are not alone.

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    Right above your post is a "sticky" post about adapting The Explosive Child techniques for younger children. Perhaps this is what you're referring to?
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    Hi Kelli! I am currently reading The Explosive Child as well!!! My son is only 4 though. I just wanted to encourage you to keep reading. It's awesome and I think it really speaks to parents who's children do not respond to conventional discipline. Good luck!!!
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    You can search for the term Explosive Child in the title or entire post.

    There are sooooo many references to this book in threads about kids with varying diagnoses and situations that you're sure to geta gazillion hits. It might be easier to finish reading the book and post whatever questions you have to start a new discussion.
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    I will stay in the General forum for now but I appreciate the words of encouragement from all of you. This book really is opening my eyes, now if I could just get my husband on board. Thanks again! :D
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