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    "aren't we all?! LOL"

    I went to the doctor for pain in my elbow/forearm muscles. He is our family doctor AND a member of our 4-H club so we have normal conversations. He asked how difficult child 1 was doing. He said he'd been getting a lot of mail from the U of M (neuropsychologist) & Sioux Falls (psychiatric hospital) lately so he was wondering. difficult child 1 has been healthy (*knock on wood*) so hasn't seen doctor since August 2010. I told him about the diagnosis and the medication fiascos. The above statement was his response to the DIAGNOSIS. UGH
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    What do YOU think about that statement?
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    My gut feeling is that he is one of those that thinks Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is over-diagnosed but he IS a good doctor so I'm not quite sure. When I explained all the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) stuff as it pertains to difficult child 1, he said he doesn't see it. I explained to him that difficult child 1 is VERY different with people he knows WELL and that he falls into that category. He's never really been in a position to really see the struggles difficult child 1 has.
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    Many many years ago an initiative was started to go to as many clinics and pediatricians and conferences as possible and teach about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in an effort to help with early identification and awareness.... that went on for years. I am sure there are similar and this is why..... doctors think they can tell from seeing a kid in an artificial setting whether or not every single possible combination of a disorder exists. Just not possible. I have had docs say that about Q too and even I wanted to embrace his strengths and use it as a disqualification... yet he is soooooo on the spectrum. Just like you know with difficult child 1. Everyone has a role. you dont need him to embrace this but not to interfere. Once he gets the report it may help.????

    Hugs to my cyber nephews.... Dee
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    i think he means more along the lines that most people have their quirks and ups and downs...and that lots of people have a quirk or two that might look like a giant red flag, but its not. at times ALL of us have adhd, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) traits, depression, etc...its what makes us human.

    like, i might be depressed if i lost my job--i might not HAVE clinical depression. or it might be hard to pay attention if i drink 17 cups of coffee at day--doesnt mean i HAVE adhd. or like, i'm old, tired, and crotchety--i really dont feel like social interation these days...but i dont HAVE Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

    its just a quirk.

    its what makes the world go round--it doesnt always mean there should be a label attached to it.
    (of course, if the label fits and it gets you something useful, i wouldnt toss it either, Know what I mean??)

    i like his sentiment ;-)
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    On a positive note... it DOES mean that he won't look at your son as BEING the diagnosis. He'll continue to take the big-picture approach... which really pays of, especially with the PCP. If you need a sleep study at some point, or suspect mono or thyroid - he isn't so likely to brush a whack of stuff under the carpet with "well, its likely just the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)"...
    Because - that is the OTHER extreme.
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    Did you click on a wrong button?
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    TeDo...I am with you!
    He is minimizing your situation without meaning it....I agree, this would have upset me to, BUT I dont think he meant it that way? Sometimes people say this and think it will make your stress less!!!! Just let it flow down your back and shrug it of! Had the similar experience with mother in law today....told her about my worries regarding my sons EEG...told her it could be tumor or epilepsy....her response: Or it could be nothing!.....some people just dont get it....or they are ignorant! But we would have expected some support from a gp!
    Hugs....hope you feel better soon!
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    yes, sorry!