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    So difficult child was supposed to land very late today. She even called me (!!!) earlier to let me know to pick her up, and that she might be a little delayed (!!!!!). She sounded really grumpy which threw me off, and slightly slurred, but that was hopefully just from being tired. But at least she let me know.

    Well: my cousin, a friend, and later my uncle (whose wife works at the airport) came with to wait with me. I'd bought a huge chocolate aptly named "Sis" - it's hard to translate, but roughly a cute name for sister, and some other small stuff just to have her feel welcome and to know I love her, which I do.

    So we wait. The flight is 15 minutes delayed, but that's standard for this country. We got there really early, 40 minutes before her flight should have landed. 10 minutes in we see a dead-ringer for difficult child in the distance, kissing a guy, but we figure that's impossible since her flight isn't even in yet. And she'd call me if there was a change, right? If she was already at the airport? I wanted to run over just to check, but my cousin and friend laughed at me being that silly.

    So we wait. And there's nothing. No call. I'm about to call difficult child when uncle's wife comes over to tell me she's checked all the incoming passengers from the flight she'd told us (there are very few flights to this airport - there were only 3 current ones at this time including hers). Hadn't seen her there. I give it another fifteen minutes in case she'd just been held up or was in the bathroom. Just when I'm about to call her I get a message - still delayed, she couldn't call me, there's zero coverage where she is (wait a minute, a small voice at the back of my head goes, then how did you send this message? But maybe she has internet access. Maybe she was at a different place when she called me before?).

    So we wait. And wait. Uncles' wife comes by again - she'd checked the passenger lists for the flight she was supposed to be on, and the two last ones coming in after it - SHE WAS NEVER BOOKED on any of those planes to begin with. Her name might have gotten dropped if the connecting flight was late? I really don't know. I try calling her. Her phone works just fine, and she sounds a little less grumpy, NOW telling me she's already in the connecting flight country and the flight was super-late and she'll be at a hotel. I asked her if she wanted the number of our aunt that lives in that country, but she didn't. Told me she'd come late next day instead.

    Uuuuuh. I've no idea what to think. I know what I don't WANT to think, which is that she actually landed on an earlier flight, watched me wait for her, then took off with the boyfriend she came for in the first place. But she wouldn't do something that weirdly petty. Would she?

    I guess I'll find out tomorrow. I wish I wasn't this paranoid and suspicious of her. I wish she'd called me at least, I was worried out of my mind - it would be precisely like her to forget a passport, ignore customs rules, get into an altercation with the guards (she can't deal with authority figures). Literally a 1000 things went through my mind.

    Bleh. Sorry, just needed to vent. I've been cleaning all day and bought her all these nice fresh foods and was almost getting excited about seeing her again. Oh well.
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    Oh, I can't believe this. I checked today's (technically yesterdays) flight info for all three airports concerned. All flights she could have possibly taken to get here were on time, the last connection being 20 minutes late - if she'd been on the original flight to the connecting country she would've been fine.

    Now I'm just hoping the only thing she lied about was the flight being late as opposed to her being late for it.

    Gah. Oh, and did I mention it is FREEZING and that we had major issues just opening the doors to my cousins' car to get there? And that the roads are seriosly dangerous right now? And that five different people waited for her for a total of two hours? She didn't even have to call (although technically by the time she called, had she been on the flight she insisted on being on - and I wouldn't even have known this if I hadn't checked online - she would have already known she'd missed it! You can't call from an dang plane!), just say the truth when I called her.

    Well I guess christmas has come early this year.
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    Hmm. Well, you can go about your day and evening now with a clear conscience and let your sister find her own way from the airport whenever she arrives (or from her boyfriend's place if she has already arrived). If she gets angry that you don't pick her up, it's very simple: you went to pick her up at the time she said; she wasn't there; she lied about which flight she was booked on (if she missed her connection her name would still have shown as booked); you have no reason to believe her today, since she lied to you yesterday about this; you can't/won't waste time driving out to the airport. No harm no foul, and no future rides.

    That's my take on it.
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    I don't follow this exactly but I'm sorry for your disappointment. ML