The girl friend is here

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by amazeofgrace, Apr 28, 2008.

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    difficult child I's girlfriend is here:couple:, this is his 1st "official" girlfriend, and up until now I had not met her. They were waiting in the rain on the steps when I came home with difficult child II from partial intake (difficult child I forgot his key - Thankfully).

    They come in and difficult child I sends her to the family room and proceeds to go to his room, call someone, change his close, use the lew, brush his teeth, I mean the kid is taken his sweet arse time, I am like "Hello - RUDE!" Gone are the days of Chivelry!

    I am hoping difficult child II does not bother them too much, he's equally excited she's here, but he could easily embarrass the heck out of difficult child I
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    Isn't that the job of little brothers? How cute that he had to get all gussied up to see her in his home.

    Sounds like you're going to have to have some very firm rules about company when no one is home. Good luck on that one!
  3. Hound dog

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    I'm with mb. It's the job of younger sibs to be annoying when older sibs bring a special someone home. (helps keep older sib in line lol)

    Might want to mention to the boy that a girl doesn't like to be kept waiting when she's over to visit. lol

    Do you have your dating/ boyfriend or girlfriend rules in place yet??

  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Yeah, like no meetings after dark, arm's length distance apart and both feet on the floor at all times, chaperone within 25 yards line-of-sight-and-shotgut-in-hand... stuff like that, right?

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    That is so cute. Teenagers in love.

    easy child has been friends with this one girl for a little while now. On the phone all the time, chatting via IM, over at each other's houses, you get the idea. Very, very nice girl...very sweet, always smiles, takes the AP classes and has a 4.0 gpa. But, we're just friends, Mom...I heard time and time again. So, I started calling her his 'un-girlfriend'. It made his friends chuckle. It was soooo obvious to anyone that they both liked each other.

    A few times over the last few weeks, easy child had been fretting over things...worried that she didn't really like him, just making too much of things as insecurity makes one do.

    Tonight he tells me that he wants to tell me something, but he doesn't want me to be all 'annoying' about it. IOW, I'm not allowed to get excited or make a big deal. He told me that he asked her to 'go out' with him on Sunday. He picked that day because the 27th is her favorite number. Since, I wasn't allowed to show any emotion :rolleyes: I just said, "Cool." To which, easy child responded, "Good response." And walked away.


    And then I heard them on the phone and as he was hanging up I heard him say, Love you. :faint: This is his first real girlfriend, too. And these are the things we can't protect them from....heartache.

    Didn't mean to hijack your thread. I just really relate right now.