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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AmericanGirl, Mar 4, 2012.

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    He's back again...the good one, not the difficult child one.

    Called several hours ago. Sick. Can I please come home? I read him the riot act - said I am sorry you are sick but you may not come here and abuse me. He swears he will be good. I pick him up. Repeat it to him. He swears again.

    Has been polite and cooperative. Wants to go to rehab Tuesday. I doubt that is possible with precertification...besides he is sick. They don't need that and would likely send him home.

    I figure Thursday. Of course anything can happen between now and then.

    It hurts SO bad to be with the good one. I miss him with every cell in my body. I try to forget about him because i cannot control when, or if, I ever see him. Then he comes back and my heart aches.

    He came into my bedroom while I was reading. Sat by my bed and talked a while about going to rehab. He stills wants some control but appears even a little excited about going. Told him to take this time and focus on nothing but himself. He said he didn't think he would want to leave early. My response was good cause I am not coming early.

    Going to see what insurance says tomorrow and how he feels physically. Just praying that somehow the difficult child one stays away until he is admitted.
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    Crossing everything possible for you guys
  3. Nancy

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    When I read the subject line of your post I thought you had two kids and the easy child came home lol. This is where insurance companies need to be responsive. He wants and needs to go now and they should act now. Many insurance companies have a special number to call for mental health issues are you going thru them. In our case we brought our daughter to rehab and they admitted her and then worked with the insurance. I know precerts are involved but they need to make it happen now when he is ready.

    Hopefully the fact that he is getting so sick will cause him to be serious. I would start to worry about his overall health, I hope he stops before he has some serious medical issues.

    It's so hard when their good side comes out, it makes you miss them so much more.

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    I hope today goes well for you. Sending positive thoughts and support your way.
  5. AmericanGirl

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    Nancy, he has been referred to a case management worker with BCBS. I spoke with her Friday. She seems very aware of SA and of the particular facility he is entering. Going to call her after difficult child gets up.
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    AG -he keeps reaching out to you. Somewhere, somehow--he gets it. I think it's a really good sign. I agree w Nancy-try to get him admitted ASAP.
  7. DDD

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    As soon as I saw your post, lol, I "knew" who you were referring to. For a number of years I referred to our grandson as easy child/difficult child. He's a talker, a hugger, quick and funny, and only once raised his voice in my presence. He's also an alcoholic, was using drugs and may again be taking "hits" off a blunt. About a year ago I had to change his CD name to difficult child because he took jewelry and pawned it. (It is back,by the way)
    I had to be truthful but it was painful for me to do that simple designation.

    AG from your first post I have seen the similarities. I root for all our family members with my whole heart and on a daily basis but I have a little extra emotional interest in your son and am so hoping he can end up a easy child again. I know it is doable for him. I hope he can "own" it. We didn't get a happy ending. Maybe you will. Hugs DDD
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    (((Prayers for you and yours)))
    I agree how hard it is to interact with the easy child, we want to hold onto them so hard so we can protect them. My difficult child was clean and sober for a year and he was remorseful, I really enjoyed talking with him. It was hard to see him slip back into his old ways.

    My other easy child turned difficult child turned back to easy child and never relapsed. It is possible if they want it!

    I think any rehab sinks in somehow!
  9. pinevalley

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    I'm sending you special wishes that the good difficult child will be with you all day today. HUGS!
  10. rejectedmom

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    I'm so glad he wants help and I really hope you can make it happen with the insurance company. Keep us updated.
  11. toughlovin

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    AG - It is good news that you are seeing some of the "good one" again. He may and probably disappear again but at least you know that part of him is still there... and will come back again if he gets sober. So let it give you hope, just don't be naive (I know you are not) and think the "other" one is gone completely. Hang on to those good moments, they can keep you going in the bad times.