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    Things were getting sooo much better towards the end of last week and through the weekend. psychiatrist lowered difficult child's risp to 3mg @ night, i think in order to be able to skip a dose and because he was sooo tired (on and off) during the day and drooling at school. difficult child had to have an sleep deprived eeg on monday morning so we had to skip his risperdal sunday night so we could keep him up. it all worked out as well as we could have hoped for. on monday difficult child was silly and sassy but i wrote it off to being "sleep deprived". i got him to take a nap 2-3:30. then yesterday afternoon the s&*# hit the fan. He started out by exposing himself and fondling himself in front of little brother outside. Good thing i saw it out the kitchen window. I sent difficult child to his room and explained (to difficult child and easy child) that private parts are for in private. And that if he wanted to touch himself etc. to go in his room and do it...blah..blah...blah. he wouldn't stay in his room (another sigh of the impending doom) and started throwning a golf ball at the walls and door (hard). i went in and took the golf ball in fear of him breaking the windows. He's screaming that he's mistreated!!!!! that i'm so mean!!!! that he does soooo much for me and i do absolutley nothing for him (that really infuriated me). i tried soooo hard to keep my cool and he continued to throw things at the walls and scream bloody murder. @ 5 i gave him his 3 mg risp (early). after about 1 and 1/2 hrs of raging he passed out on his bed. (for about 45 min) came out calm and ate dinner. husband asked him if he remembered what happened before he fell asleep and difficult child said "no". he didn't talk of it anymore and after dinner he got ready for bed and read in his room for a few minutes and fell asleep. This morning i expected for the risp to have balanced him out a bit but no. he was obnoxious///burping/potty mouth/hyper just like the old days and waiting for the bus i kicked him out of the car for his annoying behavior (for my own i wouldn't loose my temper) and he beat on the car, kicked dirt and rocks at the car and spit all over my windows...i just wanted to cry. not for the way he treats us, but it's sooo hard to watch my sweet son act sooo out of control and sick. i called the psychiatrist 1st thing and let her know whats up, we have an apt tomarrow. then emailed his teacher to give her a heads up..they have special festivities at school today too...not good. i may have to go get him:(.
    well at least we know the risp works....and what happens when he goes off of it. also that lingering fear that all this behavior was from concerta rebound is out the window. he needs the risp and it works (when he's on it) we'll probably have to go back to 2mg X 2 for a bit...we'll see what the psychiatrist says. also this episode will have an influance on his diagnosis....wouldn't you think??? i know what it all points to and it makes me so sad for my son.....and i hope we can get back to were we were last weekend.....:(