The Governor's wife has my vase

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. ML

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    What an awesome day.

    I recevied the honor today of meeting Colorado First Lady Jeannie Ritter. Jeannie spoke at a charitable giving event today and I was in awe of her. She waved to me as she came in (later she told me I looked familiar) and spoke just a few feet away from me. She kept reaching out and putting her hand on my shoulder and made eye contact. She just has this exhuberance and bright spirit that seems to eminate compassion and kindness.

    She didn't speak long and unfortunately didn't speak much about her passion, mental illness in kids. The focus was more general in nature regarding the act of giving.

    The other speaker was from the Colorado Autism Society and was very good as well.

    So anyway, I brought in a vase to temporarily house the flowers I picked up to present to Mrs. Ritter. One of the other committee members took them out of the paper and arranged them in the vase and presented them that way to her. So now I get to say the 1st Lady has my flower vase. Kinda cool.

    Another nice thing that happened is that I got a compliment from someone there that I had never met. After the training was over he came up to me and wanted to say that he appreciated that I *always* smile. Someone else overheard and agreed. I guess that makes me feel pretty good that despite things not being perfect (as a matter of fact they'r pretty grim at times) I can still project a positive demeanor.

    Thanks for letting me share :)

  2. Abbey

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    Gosh, ML. That is SOOO cool. What an experience. I'm sure you were on cloud 9. And she has your vase!!

  3. Andy

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    What an awesome day!!! :)
  4. Big Bad Kitty

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    What an uplifting post! That had to feel good all around. So happy for you and your good day.

    Ride this pink cloud just as FAR as it will take you, girl...
  5. flutterbee

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    How cool! You deserved a day like this.
  6. WhymeMom?

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    It's great to have a day like this every once in a while......
  7. gcvmom

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    What a great day you had! :D Gotta love the bright spots we get to enjoy along the way... makes you forget about all the other crud, if only for a few moments!