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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by pinevalley, Mar 22, 2012.

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    I went to an FA meeting last night, and a member recommended a radio podcast called "The Heroin Highway". In this program a couple from the Chicago suburbs shared their story of their son's addiction to heroin and his many efforts at recovery. They talked about how they often enabled their son's addiction, they shared several powerful exercises they did at a family week-end at a rehab center, and they talked about FA and NA meetings. This podcast lasts one hour, but it was very interesting to listen to their story. If anyone is interested in listening to this podcast go to Then click on "John Williams", and then click on "The Heroin Highway". FYI...
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    I also saw that on a special Intervention did. I tried to find the video, but cannot find it for free online. It helps point out that the use of heroin has risen and how it has reached the hands of suburban kids. Thanks for sharing the podcast. I did try to post the video here awhile back, but that is when I found out there was no free link to the show.

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    I was able to listen to it following the directions PV gave. Remember it is radio not video so you won't get a picture. I found it very interesting. However it brought back my feelings that somehow if I could just find the right program, with the right magic, that somehow my son would "get" it. I know that is not what they are saying exactly.... but they did find the "right" program for their son and so far he has stayed sober.... although he does not have years under his belt...and he did tell them if he relapses cut him loose.

    The one thing that frustrates me if is that in all the rehab centers my son has been to (and he is now on his 3rd) they have not done the type of real family work they describe. I would love that.... though not sure my son would.

    Anyway I just have to hope that my son is getting it this time....

    Wonder how much that ranch in TN costs?

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    Oh, I apologize, I thought it was the same program I saw on TV because it shared the same name, I just started listening to the link pinevalley provided. I cannot find a trace of the show I saw. There was a time it could be purchased from a&e website but I cannot see it now.