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So, as you may remember, on Monday I gave my boss two weeks notice, offered to keep doing her books for a nominal fee, and to train the person she hired to replace me.

When I came did not train me, and never appreciated the hard work I did for five months figuring out her books and learning how to process insurance claims on my own. She literblocked me every time I tried to get information from her.

So, on Monday when we talked, she implied that she would probably have me do the books, but she would have to think about what she was going to do.

Tuesday I came into work, and the first thing she said to me was that since today was the 30th, I should just work to the end of the week. I could make a list of the things I do, and not worry about having to train anyone. Wednesday was my day off.

Thursday I came in and there was this girl in my chair. The boss's husband (he works there as well) was with her (not his job to train her, and he never trained me in anything unless she was being unbearable.) He says "This is Sarah, we're going to try her out." Then they both leave me alone with her. Classy. So, I set her up with a little busy work, go talk to the other girl in the office who works for someone else, and she told me that Sarah had been there on Wednesday when I was off. Then Sarah lets out that she had an interview and was hired Monday evening. Really classy. She had applied for a sales job, but was called Monday after I left to interview for the admin job.

Then one of the agent comes in to pay their rent and hands me the check. Sarah says she will take care of it and tells me to show her how to get into the Quickbooks. Long story short, after several attempts at "I'll take care of it" she tells me that "Terry told me I would be doing the books." I said "Well, she didn't tell me to teach you, and I'm not comfortable giving you access to that." On the other hand, I did walk her through all of my duties. Not that she was really paying attention.

Sarah proceeds to tell me that she has a 2.5 year old, there is no reward or pay for parenting and she hates it. She lives with her mom and her 15 year old cousin, who is dating adult men. She's supposed to be on jury duty next week, and I suggested that she get a letter from the boss saying she will have to go without pay and can't afford to go. She told me that she wouldn't need to do that because her psychiatrist would write a letter saying that she wasn't well enough to sit on a jury.

Terry and her husband came back, no one talked to me. Terry sat in the conference room with some of her agents acting busy on the computer and chatting on her cell phone. Unavailable in other words. She did stop by my window to tell me in front of Sarah that I had sent out an e-mail with a Typo. At five minutes before her shift ended, Sarah said "I gotta go." And walked out. Didn't say goodbye to anyone. I don't think I got out of there on time 5 times in the five months I was there.

I was so mad I didn't dare say a word. I couldn't without making a scene in front of her employees. I put my keys in the bottom drawer, packed up my aspirin and hand lotion and left. I was going to call Terry's husband and tell him that his wife was a ______ who didn't deserve to own a business. I didn't. Instead I sent Terry an e-mail and gave her a list of everything I trained Sarah in, explained that I did not train Sarah in the Quickbooks because the information was sensitive and I didn't have word from Terry to do so, but understood that Sarah had been told that she would be doing it. I told her that I was disappointed that she had not told me about Sarah on Tuesday morning when she told me I didn't need to stay beyond Friday and knew she had hired someone, or on Wednesday by phone or e-mail, or even take 5 minutes to talk to me Thursday morning when I walked in the door and this dimwit was sitting in my chair! I told her I was done and to mail me my final paycheck.

She told me she was going to short my paycheck. It's not been a good day. I know it will get better soon, but to say that I'm dwelling upon it today would be an understatement. It doesn't help that I am raging PMS'ing right now. Three days and I should be fine. Except for the Korean student coming Sunday; and the dog we're babysitting chewing up my cd's; and starting a new job on Monday; and getting a new puppy next Thursday; and trying to clean the dog stink out of the house before the student comes; trying to finish the stairs to the deck before Sunday; and knowing that when the deck is done husband is going to think he doesn't have to do anything for a while.


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I know you aren't feeling valued with the way this lady treated you and I am sorry for that, you deserve better...but I read through this laughing at the karma your former boss is going to go through. I must be a much meaner person then you but she will get her due.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Witz, it's pretty awful to be made to feel uncomfortable but evidently she knew you were sharp and this girl needs trained. I like the idea of karma going to bite her on the behind as house of cards mentioned. On the other hand,it's seldom that a boss responds in good spirits when an employee leaves after a short period of time. You have enough on your plate with all the things happening.

The boss and the new girl will be having a lot of ummm "together" time in the near future. </span>


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You both made me chuckle, and goodness knows I needed that! Especially the part about me being there a short amount of time. I was there six months, and that was about 5 and a half months longer than anyone else since she had the business open two years ago!

And I totally agree about Karma for the boss. Karmas just so slow to sink in, though...


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Well, I think a simple explanation would be fine about the day when a new girl is there with you. If there was none forthcoming-and you were no longer needed, or were you to train someone in sensitive areas, that should have been explained and if not say -should I stay? It was crazy, and shorting your pay is inasane the stupid b888ch! She'll be sorry next week when silly girl is lost and someone will have to waste all their time training her, if her phyciatrist even lets her come back. She's not welll you know.-Alyssa


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I think you are very lucky to be out of there.

I also think when most people give notice, the employers usually do not let them finish out the two weeks or whatever.

at least you will not have to train her. I have a bone against training others what it took me so long to learn.


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Sending understanding hugs. I will never understand how some
people are so completely insensivitive. Scarey! DDD


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Sending a hug. I know it is difficult when people treat you like a doormat but I've always believed that what goes around comes around and she will get her due sooner or later. I guess that's another term for karma.
In any case, instead of dwelling on what a [email protected]#$% she is, which is sure to put you in a bad mood, think about how lucky you are to be out of there and that somebody else will have to put up with her garbage. You have a new job to start on Monday so the best revenge is going on to something better and letting her deal with the mess she's hired in your place.
It sounds like you have a lot on your plate but try to find some time to put your feet up, have a beverage of your choice, and enjoy the beginning of summer and the end of a bad situation.


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I don't understand - why is this woman shorting your pay? On what grounds? As I see it, you have done your job (and more).

I'm with the others - do not feel any sense of loyalty or responsibility to follow-through, train this new girl, do the books or anything. Certainly do not offer again (although I suspect you've already worked that out). You owe them NOTHING. And by making sure you can walk away with a clear conscience, you can feel guilt-free when the wheels fall off, as they are surely going to do.

Smile and feel superior. I think you've earned the right.

Enjoy your new job. I hope it's more suited to your talents and that they appreciate you.



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Thanks all. I was scheduled for jury duty one day the week before last, so I came in on my day off to make up for it. When I gave my final resignation she told me she was going to withhold pay for the days I was on jury duty and was going to pay me much much less. I wrote her a note explaining that I had made the time up and to send me the correct amount, and the check came in the mail Saturday. It was marked "final pay". Can't get much plainer than that!


So, that's the end of that, and I get to move on! Woo hoo!



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I bet you feel like a weight has been lifted........good for you. It will be interesting if her business keeps going.....from the sound of it, she's not much of a professional.....But it's all over and done with!



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I had a boss like that once. Only it wasn't new staff appearing, it was old staff disappearing, and she would not answer my questions about what happened. But she'd had a pattern - she would always find ONE staff member to criticise, warn, nag etc and it was always that one who was gone next. So when I was the only one left she began to find fault with me (and I know I was doing a good job for her, I overheard her telling my agency over the phone that she wanted another person with my disability "because they're such good workers").

So I left. With a clear conscience. My doctor had told me to leave anyway, this woman was breaking the workplace agreement in terms of the hours I was permitted to work, and the conditions (such as 'no stairs' - yeah, right). Damaging my health for this woman was just not worth it. Lying for her also, just not worth it. Having to keep changing child care arrangements because she kept changing the days I worked - not worth it.

All in all, as I rested at home and slowly recovered my strength, I felt I was well out of it. And to keep my brain occupied, I made some enquiries which took me into a totally different direction, career-wise. A very good thing.



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Wow! I'm glad you're out of there!!!!!!

They will learn quickly what a bad hire she is, and how valuable they were. No pettiness can erase your quality.

Get some sleep.