The ice cream cake for easy child

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    LOL, ok so this is prolly gonna be a little boreing.LOL.
    easy child has this....issue. Even tho noone here EATS cake, really..and even tho her birthday was LAST week.....she has this ----thing. SHe keeps track of how many little events each of her siblings has related to their birthday, and she demands at least as if we go out to eat and the waiters sing to one kid, and we have a dinner out and sing, or if we sing over pancakes, easy child is counting each event. <sigh>
    Bummer is her younger bros bdya is shortly before hers--and actually it was easy child who ruined younger bros birthday dinner out this year.....

    Well, easy child said this week, mom, I did not get an ice cream cake for my birthday....(Hmmm bro did not get ANY cake, easy child)
    Well, she WANTED one, nevermind she had a birthday cupcake sitting here rotting, and a mini cake I gave her to share with her friends at school at lunch one day....and IT was still sitting uncut.
    Her sibs DO like an occasional ice cream cake----- so- I set about the task of makeing one once again, difficult becuz the preferred flavor of ice cream is not available in our town....and we have very very VERY limited freezer space.
    SO this morning and last nite I carefully and lovingly made a chocolate layer cake.....and I softened and shaped some chocolate peanut butter swirl ice cream and assembled a cake. I then made a cross between ganache and fudge to frost it and happily tinted some cool whip with neon color dye to write on top with. (THAT part is my favorite part, LOL)
    SO at the pre appointed time to HAVE it, where was easy child? she had dashed off with her boyfriend to........our local ice cream parlor! Yeesh- it was HER who set the day and time for this cake.

    SO the rest of us waited.
    the candles did NOT want to poke thru the topping (Ganache-fudge)
    Used a pareing knife to poke holes in which to insert candles.
    difficult child could not eat it after all- her teeth are too sensitive to cold (in spite of dentist this week saying she cannot see any reason for this to be so)
    Son does not eat he played politely with his until everyone else had left. husband does not eat he poked his around his plate until easy child and boyfriend left again.......I am not supposed to have any of these goodies, so I took a small bite ceremoniously......
    Note to self------if I make this again- do NOT use ganache-fudge topping- unless I make it differently. It turned out very thick, so the layer was very thick, and it freezes so rock was very hard to cut, too thick to be complementary to the overall desert......altho it LOOKED very pretty- so shiny and smooth and dark under the lavender and turquoise colored cool whip writing and flowers etc.......LOL
    I sure do wish she would realize cake tastes better room temp with ice cream scooped on top of it sort of on the side, out of the carton......and topped with whatever.

    Ah but, it was todays little labor of love to let her know I will also do those little thngs for her...... :)
    She sure has her little moments, tho. yeesh.
    well, now THATS behind us for another year. One of these years I am gonna make her about 30 cakes, and inundate her with ALL of them......all at one time just to get at her, LOL. Might be good for a giggle. (nah, cupcakes will not work for that- tried that once already......LOL)

    Oh well, it did turn out prettier than I could have hoped.......and aside from the fudgey being too firm, it did taste good....and it gave us a few minutes of whole family in one place at same time time today....... :)