The IEP/testing saga continues...Some DUH moments for school psychologist

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    Ok, so Daughter is being tested for her IEP. Hub, me and advocate made them give us a list of the tests they will be giving her in advance and asked for testing of memory and executive functions, which they had not done when they discharged her from Special Education. In fact, they hadn't tested her at all, they had just discharged her...what a croc er of stew :)

    Daughter really likes the psychologist who is testing her and, because Advocate is on school's hiney, she got both a computerized ADHD test AND a memory test AND a test for executive functioning (I believe she will probably pass the EF test). Now about the other two: Psychologist was baffled at her performance on the computer test for ADHD, after all the teachers Connors all said she DOESN"T have ADHD. :surprise: Of course, they MUST be right...oh wait. She couldn't do the test for her pediatrician and she sure as hello could not do the test well for HIM. He kept saying, "Concentrate! Concentrate! Go faster!" (I don't think he is supposed to coach her while she takes her test, but it is all irrelevant because she couldn't do it. Just like in the doctor's office, the Tova test just baffled her and she really did badly). This is more indicative of ADHD than Connors, since Connors is just the teacher's opinion. And if a child has inattentive ADHD, they don't look like they have it. So psychologist admitted she did not do well on it. Score one point for the parents knowing best. Now next...

    Daughter was given a test for memory in which she had to memorize certain symbols. Daughter has a lot of strengths, but her memory is not one of them. She would run out the door without her head except that it is attached to her neck. When the psychologist said, "Wow, you sure had trouble with the memory part" she said, "Ya think?" Then she said, "This is what I've been trying to tell everybody, but only my parents will listen to me." She said the psychologist was a really nice man, which is a good thing. She does not know how she did on the other tests, such as math/reading/etc. She has always, in the past, tested below grade level as she has processing problems and reading LDs.

    The Special Education teacher, who is currently hostile toward us, tested her on the other stuff. Daughter, who I think I will now refer to as Jumper (due to her love and skill in baskeball) said that Spec. Ed teacher gave her second grade level testing. I think she got it wrong (what else is new?) I said it had to be seventh grade (she is in ninth grade). She insisted it was second grade. That can't be true. We'll see how all that shakes out. Meanwhile...

    Special Education Director, who I will refer to as Mr. Jerk, can only contact our Advocates if he wants to relay anything to us. Jerk gives us headaches and talks in circles and the Advocates force him back on topic and know exactly what to ask him and how to pin him down. I don't want to ever discuss anything with Jerk again nor does hub. Strangely, hub got diverticulitis last week after a few weeks of trying to make sense out of Jerk and I had a very bad case of gastritis which I am still recovering from. So Jerk has to talk to only our Advocates, they tell us what he says, ant they relay info we say to Jerk. I wonder if mr. Jerk has ever caused anyone to just jump off a cliff? (Haha we have none in Wisconsin). Bottom line...

    Jumper was discharged from Special Education without having taken any tests at all to see if she had "outgrown" her learning disabilities. On the last IEP she had, in seventh grade, she still showed significant learning disabilities because she was tested. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I love my one Advocate who has kids who go to this school and is well acquainted with Mr. Jerk (and Mr. Jerk doesn't like to work with her because she knows too much). She is bright and very well schooled in WI law. I am hoping for a good result, since we are dragging two advocates with us and because they know that if they deny her special education, we will move on to mediation. Advocate said that she usually gets the family what t hey ask for. Crossing fingers as hub and I nurse our bad stomachs.

    Jumper is the best kid on earth so far. She does not deserve this treatment. I better stop typing or I'll cry again and that can't be good for gastritis. Just wanted to update...and to show people how important it is to have adequate help ON YOUR SIDE rather than trying to do this alone. GET AN ADVOCATE! Don't trust the "We're on your side" approach if the school has been anything but up to this point. It is useless because it is all about $$ and time, and the school is unfortunately an adversary.
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    I am so glad you got your way. It sounds like you might have them running in the right direction with the advocates at their heels. I have a thought about the SpEd teacher and the 2nd grade test. I can see this happening with one of our teachers here. Here's the scenario that is running through my head as I read this: "At the IEP, the SpEd teacher states that he administered the 7th grade test and Jumper passed all of it, thus proving that Special Education is not necessary." Then I see you ask to see the actual test and Jumper's responses and you get to watch the SpEd teacher go pale because he REALLY DID administer the 2nd grade test. That ending sounds so awesome. I know, I'm evil but I can just see that teacher doing this and you catching him at it.

    Good Luck at the meeting and make sure to let us know how it went!
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    MWM I'm so proud of you for how well you advocate for all your kids. They are blessed having you for a warrior mom. Jumper sounds delightful.
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    Thanks, guys. It's not over yet. We have to meet with Jerk and teachers next week, but you'd better believe we will not step foot into the meeting without our two Advocates and will not agree to anything that doesn't seem right. This was just a bunch of garbage.