The impending we still get social security checks?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Feb 27, 2013.

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    Seriously, mine is due on the 3rd and I'm wondering. And what other "pain" are we going to feel that our public servants, who will feel NO pain at all, are going to inflict on us in a political battle that has nothing to do with the little guy who doesn't WANT this sequester? Will we get our unemployment checks? Will we get Medicaid if we have it? Will the mail be delivered? Will fire departments still be functional? Will those with childcare subsidies not get them? Will our men and women who serve get paid?

    I have never been more ashamed of our country's public servants (cough...they serve themselves only for, certainly, THEY won't feel the pain).

    Back to the initial question, what does this mean to us? Does anyone really understand the issue and know what it will mean? Because you KNOW they won't strike a deal. God forbid they make the lives of hard working Americans stable and sane.
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    I am reasonably sure assistance checks will continue, at least through the beginning of March.

    If I type anything else it will descend into Political Opinion and it won't be Nice. :) So I'ma gonna shutta up now.
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    Yay. I stayed away from that. At this point, I just want to know what "pain" we are going to feel .
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    To tell you the truth, I'm not even sure what a "sequester" is!
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    MWM~ Just to clarify a discrepancy in your post: I believe you meant to write "elected officials" rather than "public servants". Generally speaking, a public servant works for some form of government and therefore derives their pay from public funds. This can, in the sequester climate, loosely include vendors whose government contracts provide the funding for the wages of the private company's workers while completing projects for the government. Elected officials created the sequester legislation and are the only ones that can avert some or all of the cuts going into effect at midnight Friday.
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    Social Security checks will continue. From what I understand, long term unemployment probably will not. Things like Headstart are on the chopping block. It was just on the news tonight that here, Meals on Wheels is likely not to continue. A lot of the cuts we will notice slowly. Different states will be affected differently, depending on how much they are relying on federal dollars. Medicaid varies from state to state. The postal "service" is separate - they have their own problems but this should not affect them. Fire departments, public schools, and child care subsidies are funded locally or by the state but they do include some federal dollars, which are set to be cut. I was told that those who serve in the military will be paid but there may people who are force to "retire" or not reup. Too bad we aren't all millionaires; their stuff is secure. Gotta shut up before I say too much.
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    I also am sure our social security checks. I am worried about law enforcement because I can see animal control as being something they think is a place they can cut. I hope Jamie's job isnt on the line because he isnt the newbie anymore and as far as his bosses, they really like him and he has the credentials to slide over into the regular sheriff's department. I dont think they would want to lose him. I still worry, Im a mom and he has so many bills.

    I have heard that unemployment has been cut, at least in my state, in amount and length of time you can get it. I believe they took a hit for the highest paid people of almost two hundred dollars a week. Thats quite a bit of money. I did hear about Head Start but Im not sure about any of the preschool programs associated with the public schools.
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    If you're planning a trip to a national park this spring or summer, they will be opening later and there will be fewer employees. Also, food inspectors will be laid off so be careful what you eat.
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    Yes SS, FS and other "entitlements" were taken off the table and remain safe. As I understand it all areas that were not identified as exempt will have to be cut by a certain percent across the board. Therefore, for example, the Dept of Agriculture can not choose which departments can survive the cuts under their command. If not exempt the reduction in spending is equal to all parts of each Department. That's why when some politicos say that "scare tactics" are being used by the Democrats to alarm the public...they are not 100& right. I listened to the Agri. head and he pointed out that "if" the percentage could be reduced from non-essential services it would not be so dire BUT that is not allowed with this upcoming action. Personally I would love to see more than a 30% cut in salaries and perks for our Federal elected officials who are playing chicken with our Country. Sigh. DDD
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    DDD, a little off-subject here ... I don't know about you, but every time I hear them refer to MY Social Security payments as an "entitlement", my blood boils! That makes it sound like it's a handout, a gift! Most retirees who receive Social Security checks have paid into that system for years and years. 40+ years for me. I know that the term "entitlement" is an accounting term and not an accusation but it still makes me mad. OK, off my soapbox now. Carry on ...
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    I understand, Donna. I haven't read much about your life lately and have thought of you often. Why not give an update on you...and your family. Hugs DDD

    PS: Did you catch Shirley Temple on the Meggie post? I'm assuming you remember her and Animal Crackers, lol.
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    As a government employee I am looking at four days a month of unpaid leave. It will affect my 401K contributions and my leave. They are also putting a ton of restrictions on how we take our "furlough" days. We can only take them after a paid day of work. IE: if my normal furlough day is Monday but Monday is a federal holiday I wont be allowed to take the Tuesday after it or the Friday before it. Basically that sucks! Seriously you just told me to do the same amount of work for less pay over the next 22 weeks. It will affect my family's income greatly. But God forbid I get a four day weekend out of it on the very few occasions where that would happen.

    They are already putting people out of the military who have been in for a while and are not showing progression. Normally these Soldiers would remain in and retire because their lack of progression is often due to promoting too fast because of the wars. I think they will probably increase this during the next year or so in order to further comply with budget restrictions.

    In other news we have no supplies, have to turn our monitors off every night, can't print anything, and have been told if we damage something because of negligence (IE a wall hit by a trash bin) that the damage can be taken out of our pay. PS: I work in Human Resources one level below the Pentagon.

    Trust me your public servants are feeling the pain but many of them have abused the system so long that they actually kind of deserve it. Sound similar to the guys who are milking Unemployment pay. They are the reason it has to be limited for people in real need.
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    I personally believe that the first "entitlement" that should be cut is the paychecks and healthcare of our losers in Washington Difficult Child...ALL OF THEM. Wonder how long this would last if they weren't getting paid and had their healthcare suspended. ARen't we ALL supposed to share the pain??? Hmmmmmmm....I actually thought I heard that the Senate just got a RAISE and this was knowing what the rest of the country was going to be facing. I could be wrong with that, but I swear I did hear that. What a crock pot, Know what I mean??

    TM, you're right. At one time, though, our elected officials WERE called our public servants too because they were supposed to be working for us. Bahahahahaha! That wouldn't apply any longer. Our idiot govenor was one of them who turned down Medicaid, which our family will really need so we may move to a saner state, at least if this clown is still in office. It's not like companies are really handing out good benefits these days, if any. We NEED Medicaid and I don't particularly feel that getting sick care is an entitlement either. Or it shouldn't be. Nobody gets sick on purpose.

    I am wondering how badly transportation will suffer. We don't have much here, but I know the folks in big cities depend on public transportation a lot.

    On another note, it's ironic that Head Start will be cut. At least it is for me. Maybe I would have been out of a job even without Ms. X. After all, if they have to cut, little by little, the bus drivers and their aides would go first and the parents would have to drive their kids to school. Too bad...I still have many friends there and I feel sorry for the kids if the program is completely destroyed. It's not perfect, but it sure beats nothing.
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    I abhor the arrogance of the "top dogs". Yes, I know "some" of them "get it" but sadly far too few. Actually cutting their pay and benefits probably wouldn't have much impact because they have financial war chests they can use. Sigh!
    There is a BIG disconnect between "the classes" in recent years and truthfully it makes me ill to listen to too many hours of the posturing. Ugh! DDD
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    Just saw the news, nothing passed.
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    You expected it to? This particular group of politicians are totally out of touch with us...the little guy. I'm beginning to wish I could retire to Canada. Or Australia. Or anywhere where the politicians don't sit and pout like toddlers. What a bunch of difficult children we have! If our kids acted like them, we'd send them to their rooms.
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    I think that right now Canada IS a lot better. Nobody is threatening to take Canadian services away. Consider yourself lucky :)
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    You just don't get to hear about it.
    It's not the dramatic US-style cuts but... being subtle about it doesn't change the end result.
    We don't drop over a cliff, we just keep going downhill... and picking up speed.