The IPOD is BACK!!!!

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  1. Shari

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    Remember cgfg, who, on the first day of school, took the IPOD to school? (I said it was an ipad, it is an IPOD touch with internet access....not just the music kind).

    Her grandma, who funded the dang thing, took it away from her.

    For apparently a month.

    And now cgfg has it back. And it went to school today. And I got home to her hiding in the bathroom, on the internet. I figured out what she was doing, waited til husband got home, told him. He took it away and locked it in the gun cabinet.

    Told her mom. Mom called, told her the deal. She said "well she can't get on the internet unless she knows your password". Response? We don't have wifi password protected because we have several college kids using it and SHE'S not supposed to have an IPOD. Besides, every McDonald's is free and open. Then grandma called. Wouldn't talk to husband. Grandma wants it back, its her ipod. Thru me, husband said no. We sent the gameboy back to them, cgfg would swipe it in the middle of the night. We sent the ds back to them, same thing. And it kept going to school. We sent the ipod back to her, and here it is, a month later, and she's got it, and got it back at school. Besides that, we told her not to bring it back here at all. Period. No. Its not going back. Its locked up in the gun safe.

    Grandma wanted to know the big deal. Asked grandma if she knew cgfg has a tendency to surf porn, and isn't allowed on the internet here or at her mom's for that reason? No, grandma didn't know that. She also didn't know that wifi is available at dang near every fast food place in existence.

    She hung up on me.

    Wish I'd just snuck in her room in the middle of the night ans swiped it. She had it well hidden, tho.
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    Brings a whole new meaning to the words "McFlurry"........(as in cold shoulder) ------oh what were YOU thinking? :tongue:
  3. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    The really bad part is, Wee sneaked a handheld game to school today, too. When his teacher told me, she said he said sissy does it all the time.

    I should beat her for every time he does it, too.

    And yes, his game is locked up, also.

    I'm considering asking husband to just not have her during the week. Maybe have her 3 weekends a month instead or something. Not being involved in school is difficult, and her mother and grandmother don't help enforce anything...and obviously its rubbing off on Wee.