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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Dec 1, 2012.

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    I cant remember where we left off.... I think my difficult child was in Co but wanting to go south. On thursday we had this big hassle because he wanted to get some camping equipment instead of a warm coat but I could not get to the store at the right time etc etc. He was a petualnt demanding child and it kind of ticked me off to tell the truth. He was demanding that I drop everything and go to the store which I decided I was just not willing to do as it totally would mess up my whole schedule for the whole night. I have gotten much better about setting my boundaries and limits.

    However I did call the store and figured out how we could do it over the phone.... and I set my spending limit which was what I would normally spend on him for Xmas. He was able to get a cheap tent and a few other things.... and then I suggested to him he get a sleeping bag too for which he was grateful. I felt good about it in the end because it was a Christmas gift freely given... not a gift card, not cash... and if eh sells it all for drugs then so be it... but I actually think given his situation he will hold on to it.

    i got a FB message this morning thanking me for the camping gear and wondering what he could do for the family for the holidays!!!! I told him some writing or poetry would be wonderful!!

    Anyway getting an unsolicited thank you is always nice and his wanting to connect somehow and give something to us means a lot.

    So who knows where he is or what he is doing but I think he is on his way to warmer weather and his adventures....

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    Sounds like a win/win to me. I'm sure it brings you comfort knowing that he does not have to be uncomfortable unless he so chooses. I don't remember reading before that he was into poetry. That's a sweet thought. Hugs DDD
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    It is encouraging to know he wants to reciprocate for the holidays. It's always good when they think of someone else!
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    Yay! I love it when our kids act like our kids instead of difficult child's!
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    That's awesome that he is wanting to give back to you. Sounds like you are in the best possible place you can be, considering the circumstances.
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    Nice to read this TL. I'm happy for you...........
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    Glad you were able to help your son with some camping equipment. And even more glad difficult child is wanting to give back to the family. The poem is a beautiful idea. My young difficult child always loved to write too.

    Your difficult child is surely the adventerous guy!
    Hang in there mom.
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    An unsolicited thank you is a really good sign!