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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by CrazyinVA, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Youngest is just over 20 weeks pregnant. It's a girl :) She continues to have seizures every couple of weeks which is huge concern. The neurologist added another medication to the Lamictal, Kepra. She also has valium to take prn when she feels a seizure might be coming on. Being on all those medications when pregnant is really scary, however, it's most definitely a case of weighing the risks.. and really the risks of the seizures are greater than the risks of the medications. She is now officially a "high risk" pregnancy, and saw a perinatologist today for a fetal scan. Everything looks perfectly normal, which is great news. They will likely induce her early, and will do everything possible to keep her painfree so that the stress of that doesn't throw her into a seizure during delivery. The neurologsit wants her to have a c-section .. the obgyn says that's a last resort. They have some time to figure that all out, thankfully. She's talking about getting her tubes tied when all is done.. WHEW.

    Thank God for Medicaid, by the way.

    Her moods are fairly stable, although I still worry a LOT about her anxiety and neediness. I still sometimes have to walk a fine line of figuring out when there is a real health issue and I need to go over there and help, and when she's simply worried she "might" have a seizure and just wants someone to hold her hand. She got pretty mad at me the other night when I wouldn't rush over there because she said she "just didn't feel right." Lo and behold, she ended up being fine, no seizure. I don't drop everything for "I don't feel right." There are still huge irresponsibility issues with her boyfriend/fiance; he may take a job where he's gone for a MONTH .. how could anyone leave their pregnant, sick, high risk girlfriend like that?! He could, obviously. Guess who'll have to be the stand-by? Sigh.

    I'm trying not to think about post-partum just yet, and how she'll take care of a baby and a 3 year old, and whether the seizures will get better or worse ... truthfully I'm more worried about that than I am the current situation. I just can't let myself obsess over it.

    Oldest is now working at a sandwich shop, getting paid under the table (I swear, if she ever needs to file for social security, she'll have NO credits). Still living on her ex-boyfriend's couch, there are frequent fights when he wants to have a girl over and she needs to vacate to give them privacy. She is in Phoenix right now, visiting a guy she barely knows, who is home from Iraq or Afghanistan or somewhere ... and bought her a plane ticket to come visit for a few days. I still shake my head at her choices but I bite my tongue.

    Me? I just put a contract on a house :) I'm seeing my old therapist every couple of weeks, and working on "Who is Crazy." My recent "homework" was to write an essay about that, without mentioning my kids in it. Not easy, let me tell you. But, interesting.
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    LOL about the essay. Does that mean that you can't mention them by name but you can mention them in theory, or that they can't be included in any way? ;) That would be difficult.
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    I'm pretty sure that I could do that essay without children......hahahah.

    I'm glad to hear the baby is going to be okay. Been thinking about you all, and it was nice to come here today and see that update. I hope there is a strong and beautiful name to go with such a strong fighter. Star is pretty. lol.

    AND you're getting a home of your own? YOU GO GIRL! NOW you WILL have plenty of stuff to put in that essay - that could BE your whole essay. hahaha. (no I'm serious)

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    Way To Go on the new home!

    Been wondering myself how youngest was getting along. Glad baby girl seems to be doing well. Phooey on boyfriend. What a jerk. Oldest? Sigh...what can you do?
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    Nope, couldn't mention my children at all in the essay. It was difficult to start, but once I got going, it sort of flowed. I am a LOT of things outside of being my children's mother.. and now is when I'm finally embracing all of that. I was only 21 when I got pregnant with Oldest, and "stuck" in a miserable marriage. This is like the beginning of *my* life, finally.

    Youngest has picked the name "Ella Grace." Funny, several people have told me they've heard of several other new babies with the exact same name.. but Youngest says she didn't hear it anywhere that she can think of, she jut thought it up. Anyway, I think it's lovely :)
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    Very nice name. It sounds familiar to me too...or maybe sounds like something else similar.

    Whats hilarious to me is that recently on CSI:NY, they have brought on a new character, a crime scene clean up person, female, who has the exact same name as Jamies dtr. Literally. Hailie M.

    I almost spit my drink out the first time I heard them introduce her on tv as Haley M. Of course its spelled
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    Well glad the baby is Ok and that you continue to practice detachment and are moving foward with your own life. Baby's father sounds a bit selfish to me. -RM
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    Very lovely name. Glad the baby girl is doing ok.

    Congrats on the house!! :D

    I had to lol over the essay too.