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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by IKeepPraying, Mar 30, 2008.

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    The latest on my son,

    Got a call from my cousin today saying the he crashed on a dirt bike and thinks he broke his collar bone and "he thinks" he may have a concussion. She wanted to know about the insurance and mentioned taking him to the hospital...I am sure he is all for that so he can get the PAIN medications that he so enjoys. My husband said he sounded fine on the phone. I tried to call my cousin back but she isnt answering her cell. I'm guessing that she is mad because I didnt run down there. I just told her to let him do all the paperwork, he is a "adult" now. He can figure it out...I feel a little guilty but I know it isnt anything serious or he would have already been in the hospital and not back at home.... He loves attention and getting people to feel sorry for him and exaggerates all the time. I just think this is just another one of those episodes....anyone have any suggestions?
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    I just called the hospital, everything is clear, he is fine...I just knew, I guess you just know your kids that well. Anyway, I let them know that he has a history of drug use that includes prescription medications and not to prescribe him anything other than tylenol.
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    Ha, your mommy gut was right!

    Could you do us a little favor? We've had so many new people start lately, it is hard to keep track. In your signature, could you include the kids & their ages? You do not have to list names. Thank you.

    Keep hanging in there. I will keep praying for you and your son.
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    turns out that the nurse I spoke with was wrong, the doctor said he did break his collar bone, but only prescribed him over the counter motrin. I guess they listened to me. I talked to him very briefly, he was very short with me and didnt want to talk. At least I know he will be staying out of trouble for the next few weeks. I guess he is in pain right now. (No problem, I'll change me signature)