The man who never gets the sick!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Oct 13, 2009.

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    I have been begging Tony to go get the flu shot for weeks now. He refuses. He says...I never get go get the shot.

    I have gone to my doctor and attempted to get it but he is out. I am trying to get it from drugstores and walmart and health dept as I type this.

    I just got the call. He is working out of town and he is sick! He claims he just has a headache with chills, some nausea and some coughing. I you have a fever. I dont know. I have been taking Goody powders all morning. Ummm...ask someone to feel your forehead. Buddies feel his head. No they dont think he feels hot. Ok...but he feels like his limbs are in concrete and he is foggy. Ok...go to the motel, get some Excedrin Migraine and some ginger ale and some gatoraide and call me later. He is 4 hours from me.

    I think he has the flu....hmmm. Which one is questionable. He is about 45 minutes from Everywoman. If that. Maybe he has been kissing the same pigs as she was. I could probably call her to go check on him if she is feeling
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Janet --

    (or anyone with flu like symptoms) re: Gatorade.

    HALF IT!. Gatorade was designed as product in - product out. When you have the flu? It's just product in. It can't come out and hangs in your kidneys. The ER room doctor told us to 1/2 it with water. DO NOT EVER use Gatorade full strength when your children, or anyone had the flu. Your body isn't in enough perpetual motion to rid itself of the stuff Gatorade was meant to do.

    I'm really sorry about Tony and not feeling well Janet. I hope it's just a 12 hour bug or less.

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    I am sorry he is sick. At least he is not likely to infect you in the next day or two. For whatever comfort that is.

    Cutting gatorade with water is very smart but few adults will actually agree to do it. But it is still better than drinking Mt Dew or cola or coffee.

    If he can get some zinc lozenges they can cut the duration of many viruses by several days. I hate the taste but it does work.

    They are pretty easy to find in the pharmacy section of many walmart/grocery/drug stores.
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    There's been a couple of studies done that show that zinc lozenges and zinc nasal sprays can permanently damage the senses of taste and smell in some individuals.

    I've currently got some sort of crud: sore throat, sinus congestion/headache, and muscle and joint ache.

    I've got a lowgrade fever, but when I called down to urgent care up here, they told me to stay HOME unless the fever got really high or if I started having real trouble breathing.

    The ERs and UCs up here are plain swamped with patients right now. Basically they are already out of beds and don't want anyone coming in who doesn't definitely need immediate care.
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    I'm better Janet----my dr. said that he is only seeing cases of swine not the seasonal flu. I had the seasonal flu shot 3 weeks ago. The swine flu vaccine arrived in SC the day I got sick. Swine is running rampant in my neck of the woods. Schools are closing. ER's packed and has pulled in NP to see patient who are not critical. Tell Tony that if he can get to a doctor in a Box and get a script for tamaflu to go. I started on Friday and today I am almost well. My friend who didn't was sick for more than 2 weeks.
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    Star gave good advice per the gatoraide. Water plain is much better if you can get him convinced to drink it.

    I hope it's not the piggie flu. husband also came down with symptoms this morning........similar to Tony's. No cough though. And if he's running a fever it's low grade.

    Of course he couldn't possibly get sick at home where you can keep an eye on him. Men! sigh

    Hope he feels better quickly.

    EW glad you're starting to feel better.