The monsters are going to kill me...

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  1. This is what I heard from difficult child this morning. I know he has been paranoid because he is always wanting the doors shut. He will not go into my room anymore even to go to the restroom. When I was able to get him to take a shower Sunday night, I had to stay in my room while he was in the bathroom with the door open, and he every few minutes would call out to make sure that I was there.

    I know his anxiety about school is really high right now, yesterday I had trouble getting him up, but he went to school late. Today, I kept trying to get him up and a few times he murmured that he was tired. I know he is having difficulty going to sleep. Finally, I decided that I would just let him stay home with his sister, I wasn't making any progress. I proceeded to go to leave, and was out the door and down the stairs when he comes running out in shorts and wrapped in a blanket, crying asking me to take him with me. He was afraid. I go back into the house with him and he is clinging to me. He proceeds to tell me that he is afraid the monsters are going to kill him. I sit on the couch with him and ask him what he means. He said the monsters in my room are going to kill him. He started to say "I sometimes hear" and then stopped. I asked him if he was hearing or seeing them, and he denies it (psychiatrist and I have discussed that we are concerned that he won't admit it because he is afraid of going back inpatient). He proceeds to say he doesn't know what to do. Then he starts crying and saying he doesn't want to go back inpatient.

    I left a message this morning for psychiatrist. I needed to talk to him anyway because I need to know what to do with his depakote dosage - I have not heard since he had his blood tests.

    I talked to my daughter a little bit ago and she said difficult child came in her room and crashed on her bed and fell back to sleep.

    Poor guy, I am really worried about him.
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    I know that he has real issues going on, but out of curiosity, is your house haunted? It seems that if it was, your son would be a good candidate for them to mess with. His mind doesn't work the same as an average adult. Ghosts talk in whispering (as far as I know, and what I've experienced). So are the "monsters" whispering or talking?
  3. Good question, but no, I really don't think so. We live in an apartment. He has had hallucinations before, when we lived in 2 different places. He even was having them for a time when he was inpatient.

    I just talked to my daughter. She said he looked at her in panic when she told him she was going to go take a shower and then she was going to leave. She wants to go put in job applications. She is going stir crazy now that she is more stable. She is going to take difficult child over to my boyfriends place, (difficult child is agreeable to this).
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    Oh I am so sorry he is struggling so much! I hope you get a call back from the psychiatrist FAST. His anxiety is really out of control, poor guy.
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    Oh, my. That's so scarey. It has to be even more confusing for the little guy as he seems to know its not really real, yet it is so real to him. (does that make any sense?)

    I hope you can find some confort for the little dude.
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    Poor little guy. Hallucinations seem very frightening. I hope you can get him stable so he can be less afraid.
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    Poor kid.
    I don't know what to say.
    We've never dealt with-those medications. And he truly seems scared and filled with-anxiety.
    He clearly does not like being left alone.
    I don't blame him for not wanting to go to inpatient again. Some kids do very well there, with-the stability. Others can't handle it.
    Let us know what the psychiatrist says.
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    I am so sorry - I know how this is tugging at your heart. It is so hard to know that our kids are afraid.

    Have you heard back from the psychiatrist yet?
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    Poor guy-has the psychiatrist called back yet? Hugs to you.
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    I wish I had some advice...but I truly don't know what to say.

    My heart aches for all of you...but especially for your son. Hope he gets some relief from the anxieties soon!!
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    Sometimes kids with significant hallucinations need two antipsychotics because one doesn't do the trick. Just something to keep in mind when you're talking medications with the psychiatrist.

    I hope you get some answers soon. Hugs.