The most important one!

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    Tonight I took Diva, her boyfriend, her friend A, A's 2 yr old daughter J (Diva's goddaughter), another 2 yr old Diva was watching (L) and difficult child out to a Chinese resturaunt. The resturaunt has a fountain at the front with fish in it.

    difficult child took both two year old girls to see the fish. It was so cute. He had one in each hand and was starting to the front of the resturaunt when I asked him, "Can you handle two kids that age? What will you do when one goes one way and the other goes the other way?"

    He answered, "Get the most important one! :)"

    Later I asked what he meant by that hoping he would determine which one was in the most danger but nope - the most important one to him is Diva's godchild who he sees much more often.

    He also clarified that he would grab one and carry her to get the other one.

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