The most obnoxious Black Friday experience you heard about, post here

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. SomewhereOutThere

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    I spent a few days in Illinois and went to get coffee at a 7-11. While I was there, I heard a story from another woman.

    She went out at 3am to get a good place in line at a local store. She only wanted one thing, a computer. There were five (I hate when they put a limit like that on these bargains. This encourages violence). Anyway, after she had waited a few hours in the cold Chicago night air, they opened the store.

    A big man crashed to the front of the line, ran to the computers, lay his body down and spread out his arms, refusing to let anyone else have one. I suspect he will sell four of them on E-bay. The woman said she tried to grab one out from under his arms, but she couldn't. His wife was there with her little shopping cart to gobble up the computers.

    Other than that story, when I went out it was pretty tame, but I didn't go out until it was light outside.
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    I can't find the link right now but there was a story on our local news about a woman in Clarksville, TN who was trampled under a mob of people trying to get in when the doors to the Toys R Us were opened. She ended up with a broken leg and assorted cuts and bruises. NO WAY would I get in the middle of all that! There is nothing that I want that badly!

    And if there is only a limited number of a certain item available, the store should restrict it to one to a customer - to avoid situations like the one big man snatching up all five of the computers on sale!
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    Here there are limits for things like computers or tv's. Walmart had a limit of 2 TV's per person and I think it was one laptop per person.

    I think I heard there was a fight at the larger Walmart here over the computers but at the smaller walmart I went to it was fine.
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    Well, I don't do black Friday and that's partly why. My first impression is that anybody dumb enough to get up and go shopping at 3 A.M. deserves whatever trouble they get. My second impression is that there are jerks no matter what time you go. I did my shopping before Thanksgiving.
  5. Star*

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    Two women here in upstate - Greenville, SC - pregnant, one was her cousin. Both stood outside all night long at a (OMG) TOYS R US. When the doors opened apparently a husband and wife threw them down to the ground and stepped on them. The non-pregnant woman got up and said "Oh H no you do not" and fighting ensued. Police were called, and the pregnant woman and her cousin were charged with : disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, enciting a riot.

    Greenville police and Toys R Us were not available for comment, the women did NOT get what they came for, the other couple that threw them to the ground did not get arrested and now the pregnant woman and her cousin are suing the city for false arrest, and assault and battery.

    I think the toy they were going for teaches your children manners. :ashamed:
  6. Nomad

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    Star...That is a very sad story.

    Last year I went to Walmart at 5 a.m. 'cause I wanted to buy two GPS's. I was pleased (but a bit weirded out) to see armed security guards making sure everyone was in line "nicely." Honestly, I do NOT think I will do the 5 a.m. thing again.

    My story is not nearly as sad or colorful...but it was a bit of a lesson:

    The only thing that happened to me this year is I went to a store (normal time though) and I had two coupons. I had gotten them from the paper two days in a row and was careful to find them.

    I had a large purchase and my husband was with- me. We were splitting the purchase in two to make sure I could use the two coupons.

    A woman in front of me (also with- her husband) was in a panic and her hubby looked ticked. She had forgotten her coupons.

    So, she asked if she could use mine. I politely said "no" 'cause I was using both of them. She frowned. I said that had happened to me once before a few years ago and I literally went to the store and bought a newspaper and then came back to the store and used my coupon.

    Then the cashier said that she could scan my coupon twice and it would be okay. So, I said she could use my coupon and she did. The woman tore off out of there 100 miles an hour after handing me my "used" coupon and saying thank you. This made me suspicious.

    Guess what? When it was my turn, she (the cashier) could NOT scan my coupon. UGH! I should have said, "Then let me go first and I'll give you the coupon (s) when I'm done."

    However, the cashier was very ice and although we had to wait a fair amount of time....she asked a co-worker for another coupon and it all worked out in the end.