The Mysteries of Fate........

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  1. Hound dog

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    I have off and on looked for youngest bro on fb simply because I knew he was computer literate. Unfortunately he has a somewhat common name.........and there are thousands. Well Nichole managed to find him and friend him. So I friended him too. Then easy child and Travis followed suit. (I've not yet friended stormy and am avoiding it)

    Through a Remember when type page for my home town, I've connected with many folks from my own neighborhood that I grew up with, that my sibs grew up with ect. One lady lived down the road from us through our childhood, she's youngest bro's age. She friended me and we've been chatting reg for about 2 yrs. She is super nice and helped me a great deal after husband died since she had gone through it with her own husband several years ago. Since R was older than me, as a kid I didn't know her really well, but I do remember her being a nice girl.

    I often forget she's a friend from my childhood neighborhood days, Know what I mean??

    Just the other day (before I found younger bro on fb) she was remembering when younger bro would make it a point to wait for her in a certain place and walk her to school so that bullies wouldn't bother her. She remembered him as such a sweet soul (and he was) so polite so kind.........

    Then I'm chatting with Nichole just a bit ago and suddenly a chat box pops up from younger bro asking how I know R?? I was like wth? And I had to stop and then I told him. Then he was like oh how huge a crush he had on her growing up and she was such a sweet girl.........And while I'm reading I'm just a grinning cuz R told the me same things about him just the other night. lol She had a HUGE crush on him.

    So.....I haven't said anything to him about that. But he's decided to make time to pay her a visit and catch up. I don't doubt R will be tickled pink, obviously bro is.

    Soooo just sort of laughing here at how Fate plays out sometimes when you least expect it. :rofl:

    Now maybe they'll date or maybe they'll just stay friends like they were as kids........but either way it's sort of nice that they managed to find each other again through a round about way. :)

    Cuz ya know, I just don't believe in coincidences.
  2. AnnieO

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    Let's just hope, that if they go for more than friends, she can deal with Stormy...
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    This is true, Step, very true. Which is why I've told neither of them that the other had a serious heavy duty crush on them. I didn't even tell bro I was friends with R. He spotted her on my friends list and as he said "nearly fainted dead away" because he's been searching for her for years without any luck.

    I stay out of any romance stuff. That's their business, not mine.
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    That is a very, very cool story!!!
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    A few years after his divorce, my uncle ran into a girl he knew as a kid. They had crushes on each other but were just friends because her dad was the chief of police and all the boys were afraid of him, lol!! They have been married for quite a lot of years now, a very happy second marriage for each of them after their 'fairytale romance' first marriages turned to ash.

    Good things can come from late in life reunions from childhood crushes, but it is best if others stay out of the mix!
  6. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I refuse to have anything to do with my sibs love lives. Younger bro can be wonderful, polite, a gentleman, he can cook, clean.......well, honestly.....he can be ever woman's dream if he wants to be. On the flip side, he's been burnt super bad by two females (I won't call either a woman as neither acted like one, barely could call them human), ex wives, and has grown bitter. It gives him a hard edge and makes him intolerant to the point where he can be abusive. So, I don't want anywhere near a romance between the two of them. Nope. No way. Bro needs a good loving sweet woman, but I'm not so sure if he'd not scare her off before he could get it through his thick head she won't treat him the same as the 2 that burned him so bad. Then there is the whole Stormy thing........and I'm sorry, she might be my niece, but I wouldn't wish that difficult child on my enemy. Not only does she have genetics working against her on both sides of the family tree, having had her mother for a mom........holy crud that kid is one messed up child. She's in therapy but for ADHD, which her docs say she really doesn't have, and bro won't listen to what is really the issue (because then he has to admit to himself the living hades that child lived through when he was on the road) so she's not being treated for the real problem. ugh

    I am no match maker, for certain.