The new OxyContin

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Nancy, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Nancy

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    Because of the recent change to abuse-deterrent tablet, Oxy-Contin is being replaced by a new easier to use drug called Opana. The street names for this drug include bears, panas, pandas, and panda bears.

    I think it's important for us to stay aware of the new illegal drug trends.

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  2. DammitJanet

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    opana has been around for years but it was strictly used for severe chronic pain and most people had never heard of it. Now that insurance companies send out formularies every year people can look up what each company will approve for pain and opana is one of those that is listed. Personally I think this has caused an increase in people knowing about some of the stronger pain medications. Opana has its place but certainly not in the hands of most people. I would rebel if they tried to put me on it. I think ALL of the long acting pain medications should now have the same thing done to them that oxycontin and Morphine ER have had done. If you attempt to crush them to mix them or snort them, they become inactive. I think that is perfect. That means addicts cant shoot them up as hillbilly heroin. Yes I suppose they can still take the pills but I dont think they would get that immediate high they are looking for. They release so slowly unless they can get really high mg pills. I seriously doubt anyone would even notice anything but maybe nausea if they took one of my morphine pills. That would probably be good!
  3. Nancy

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    I didn't mean it was a new drug, I meant it was the new Oxy because like you say they have made oxy non-crushable.

  4. snakebite_EB

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    Addicts have found ways to both inject & snort even the "tamper-resistant" oxys & morphine. It's not always easy for them (& they often need to use different processes for different manufacturers of even the same drug) but with- the internet it's really very easy for people to find out how. Once someone has figured out how to bypass the tamper-resistance they simply put it online in one place & from there it's quickly disseminated to multiple sites all over the web. I'm a parent & a recovering heroin addict. I became addicted long before pharmaceuticals became the "opioids of choice" or the easiest opioids obtained (prior to this completely irresponsible & negligent practice of prescribing opioids for ANY pain- the cause of our current, SUSTAINED epidemic). I am still active amongst people who are active users (both young & old) to try & help them to get help/get clean and stay clean (once they've gotten that far). Through these contacts I learn a lot about new "trends" & techniques being practiced amongst drug users of all types (& in many countries). I just wanted to share that with you all because, while the insurance companies & doctors & even the FDA/DEA put on a good "show" that they are making strides in combating this epidemic it is little more than merely a show as every step they take to curb abuse & misuse & diversion, the addicts just as quickly catch up. I sound harsh in my terminology about these invested parties though it's not so much as to mock their current efforts to assuage this problem as it is continuing & growing resentment that it was through their lax policies, negligence, & most of all their greed which has gotten us to this point so rapidly & so devastatingly. Their desperate attempts to "sweep up" this mess they've made will never make up for the lives that have been destroyed directly & indirectly, literally & figuratively, by this epidemic.