The next 2 weeks should be interesting

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Apr 1, 2013.

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    difficult child wants to attend a major equine show the second weekend in April. I explained to her that I really want to go as well, but in order to go, she must attend school everyday, and be on time, or we will be staying home. Some of her friends will be going to it, so she really wants to go. So, I am really going to have to stick to my guns and follow through with this if she does not make it to school. It is 9 days. UGH, I hope she can do it, because if she doesn't, it is going to be one ugly house to live in when we stay home that weekend. Fingers crossed.
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    Oh my! I sure hope she can do it. I think that should be a great test of how much of this is in her control. That is a long way off, and Q couldn't do it IF it was a behavior that was really too challenging for him. But there are smaller things that he can do with a longer off reward (unless it is a big deal reward, then in his case, he can fall apart just because of the stress)

    If she blows it early on, you wont just have a bad week then to look forward to! She will be upset and figure she has nothing to work for. I've gotten trapped in that before so you might want a plan B just in case.

    *Either way, we are here for you........hit the keyboard and reach out!
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    Yeah, I am wondering if I shot myself in the foot here. I know she is truly anxious about school. I considered leaving out the on time part, but she has missed PE(first period) so much it is crazy. And, she needs to pass it to graduate. (who doesn't pass gym class!)
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    Listen, if it works??? You have struck gold!
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    One thing I would suggest is that if you see that she's starting to spin out of control, gently remind her what she is working towards and give her a chance to calm down and get to school on time.

    My fingers are crossed for both of you!