The other Psychologist report came today.

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    I don't have it in front of me, but the highlights were: ADHD, ODD, possible Aspergers, possible Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified. Possible Bipolar not otherwise specified. There were three tests that they couldn't get enough info to get a result. One was the depression test. He flat out refused to do some of the tests.

    For the Aspergers she recommended the School Diagnostician do more testing (what would that be?).

    They both rated him the same on the IQ test. Above average in a catagory or two and low average in others. 94.

    She also mentioned seperation issues (it took forever to get him to leave the waiting room without me for further testing--but MY OH MY was he acting up that day--more so than I have ever seen actually).

    I have to read over the report a few dozen times--still trying to...process it all.
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    Its actually a good thing she saw him at his worst. You'll get a better test result that way. It sounds like you're going to be doing off and on testing for a long time by a variety of doctors to try to figure out what is actually going on.

    It is very hard to determine all the diagnosis when they are mixed together like that. Oh, and to my knowledge school's don't have diagnosticians.
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    There are a couple of pretty good scales that you and others can fill out for Aspergers and for Autism. The results the other folks gave you really pretty much said this too without the label...If I remember they said "relationship disorder".....ummmm...we call taht social skill problems I bet. and the transition stuff, processing stuff, etc. I wont be surprised if sometime down the line the ODDand ADHD falls under the big umbrella. Poor you to have to many different diagnosis options, but the good news is the are going to be working with him and if they are good, it should be individualized anyway. Just keep open to, if they do an matter the perspective (adhd, emotional/behavioral, autism) .... put a time line in that says data review of the plan will happen every (4 at most) weeks and and at that time program adjustments will be made if there is not improvement (or if things are getting worse). without this, a few months will slip away, people will become compliant and changing it will take time and then the school year is gone. We are already nearly half way thru!

    sorry it is overwhelming. 94 is solid average. it is common, especially in Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) and non verbal Learning Disability (LD) and several others to show patterns of strengths and weaknesses that vary quite a bit. Does it show if he has strengths with verbal or visual in general? that is really helpful for teaching.
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    I don't know what state you're in, but here in California, we have Diagnostic centers that SELPAs will refer kids to if the needs are beyond the school district's ability to figure out. Every county has a SELPA, so maybe you could talk with your County Office of Education and/or SELPA and ask about a referral. I have visited the one closest to my area as part of my Master's degree program, and they seem highly skilled at this type of thing.

    It must be hard to process all the information you've been given, as well as the information that isn't there... {{{{hugs}}}}.
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    Well, the one thing about testing is that it's very exciting and overwhelming once you get it, and then in no time at all, it will create even more questions than you had to begin with.
    I'm glad that you got at least some of the testing done. I hope you can have the school or a private psychiatric or neuropsychologist do more testing.
    In the meantime, I hope it helps with-parenting skills and figuring out what to do in different situations. It's almost like learning a new language.