The Park


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Well, I had tried to get back to exercising by going to the Rec Center. No luck. So in the last week, I've taken to walking at the local park. I walk a little more than 2 miles each day and I take my daughter with me during the week and let her play at the playground when I'm done. :smile:

Today was the first weekend day, so I asked all my kids who wanted to go. I explained they had to walk with me and that they couldn't complain and had to keep up. Keep up (for me) means they have to walk ahead of me, so I can see them.

Anyways, my two 10 year old boys, 1 easy child and 1 difficult child and my daughter all opted to come. The walk went okay for the most part although difficult child had a hard time complying with the park rules of walking to the right. No biggie.

After the walk I went and sat under a tree for shade and let the kids play at the playground. There was another lady there with her two grandkids, girl 6 and boy 10. They all played tag together. The 2 mile walk wore out my difficult child so much he was less hyper. Still loud, but less agressive.

Halfway through the game she came over to tell me how GREAT my kids are. How nice they play together and how nice they were to her grandkids and that she appreciated it.

I was SOOO thrilled I just had to share with you guys. It was very nice to have someone else think they are great. :smile:



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What a nice family time. Good for you for making time for yourself and good for the kids for joining you.
Enjoy every positive experience.


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Don't you just love it when people tell you how good your kids are? It doesn't happen much, so when it does it just makes you just want to do the silly-happy-mom dance and wiggle in your seat!