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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Oct 1, 2009.

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    You know that saying? Something about "speakin up even though your voice is shaking"...or something to that effect? Well, I did it.

    I went to the local town police forum where all the town people who serve on various boards gather to pat each other on the back. It was very interesting. I learned a lot and felt very connected to the other towns people who came and spoke.

    One topic on the table was juvenile education and policing our youths. Having had my fair share of interaction with our town's finest men and women in blue, I chose to throw my two cents in and it was well received by most, though there were a few there who stood up after me to toss in their opposing views, which was fine. One was this little short bald guy who happens to be running for local government and he also happens to live on the opposite end of my street. Every time I spoke, he stood up and offered his counter-point. It became ridiculous so I just clammed up finally - I had already spoken my piece and at one point the forum facilitator actually asked shorty to pipe down and give someone else a chance to speak...much to everyone's relief!

    Anyway, with my voice quivering and my insides jumping out of my skin, I spoke at a public forum in front of about 50+ folks, including our police force...not a huge crowd, but it's been a long time since I had to do that but I'm glad I spoke up. And later one a reporter from the local paper came over and got my name, so I may actually be quoted! I want to call that paper today and ask them to withhold my name, I'm that paranoid!!

    Thanks for your input; without your gentle little pushes, I wouldn't have even gone.
  2. gcvmom

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    Good for you!!! It takes courage to do something like that, but it's worth every butterfly and nervous stomach to make your voice heard. Especially when it's an issue that is so near and dear to your heart. And your thoughts and experiences are every bit as important as the next person's, and they deserve to be heard. :bravo:
  3. Andy

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    Awesome! Great job!

    Your input is just as important as anyone else's. You know that not everyone is going to like what you say but in order to get plans made, every aspect that someone is concerned about has to be addressed - the pros and the cons which differ in everyone's view.

    I am sorry you had a negative person trying to shoot down your input. Sounds like he was immature about everything. You hung in there as long as you could and did get across what you wanted to say - what a huge personal victory.

    You really did great!
  4. ML

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    I'm proud of you for using your voice to speak your truth. That short fat bald guy just wanted to hear his voice but I bet people actually wanted to hear what you had to say.
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    ML is right. You are one brave lady. They listened........sounds like many of them also heard you as well. Good for you! The right thing is not always the easiest thing to do. :)