The power of sleep

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TeDo, Aug 31, 2012.

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    difficult child 1 had a rough morning ..... by our standards lately. He went to sleep around 10:30 last night and got up at 9:35 this morning. We started school work at 10 per his request. We did one lesson (a class both boys have together so we do it together) and he went to my computer to check it off as done.

    Oops, need to give more background. We have 1 computer that is pretty much mine. When we enrolled in the online school last fall, they sent us a computer so with 2 kids we had 2 computers. difficult child 1 didn't like using the school computer so difficult child 2 used it all of last year and he saved his info on it.

    Back to the story. difficult child 1 came out of my office (where my computer is that he's ALWAYS used for school) and complained about difficult child 2 ALWAYS getting the school computer and why can't he use that computer and on and on and on in a very irritable tone of voice. I patiently reminded him that HE didn't want to use the school computer and difficult child 2 is using it again this year because HE didn't want to use it. difficult child 1 repeated almost word for word what he'd already said and I repeated my answer. Then difficult child 1 became even more agitated so I told him to get up to his room. He did, which is NOT unusual anymore. After about 10 minutes, I went up to see what he was doing because it was sooooo quiet. He was laying on difficult child 2's bed with the radio on quietly and was sound asleep. That was at 10:30. It is now almost noon and he is still sleeping.

    I had no idea he was still tired after almost 11 hours of sleep. Guess I was wrong. Hopefully he wakes up in a MUCH better mood so we can calmly talk about the computer issue and see if it really is an issue or if he was just tired and "picked a fight" that had nothing to do with anything.
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    Yes, let's hope so! Glad he went to sleep on his own, anyway.
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    Yup. been there done that. Tired is one of the BIGGEST triggers there is in our house.
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    He woke up, ate some peaches and started in again only on a different topic. Nope, it wasn't sleep.......full moon tonight maybe???? Something is off. He never even mentioned the computer again. He reluctantly got his work done but only because I reminded him that his one friend is off school today and he'd promised to hang out with him. THAT got through.

    Now that that's over, I need a long, hot, quiet bath (both the boys are gone for a bit now) WHEW!!! Survived another one.