The Power of Story

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    I am reading a book by Jim Loehr called "The Power of Story". So far, it's been an amazing read. His theory is that it is the stories we tell ourselves ABOUT ourselves that inform our goals, performances, and accomplishments ~ and that most of the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what we want are operating below the level of conscious thought.

    The author has made his living helping athletes and business people break through whatever it is that is keeping them from attaining their own personal bests in their performances, in their communities and with their families, and in finding meaning in their accomplishments.

    He has been very successful in this.

    One of the anecdotes in the book has to do with Tiger Woods. When Tiger was a boy,his father told him that in every professional game he played, there would be at least one hopeless situation ~ and that he would play through it brilliantly. I found that interesting. So many times, we meet an obstacle and tell ourselves the worst possible thing has happened, changing the situation and making winning almost impossible. How differently would we all feel about the challenges in our lives if we not only expected the worst thing to happen but told ourselves, when it did, that we would play through brilliantly?

    Lord knows I am not an athlete or a CEO, but I am finding the book helpful and interesting.

    I thought you might enjoy reading it, too.

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    Barbara, what an uplifting idea.

    Personally, I have always learned so much more from failures than successes. More than anything else, they have taught me that I can survive. But I love the idea of picturing yourself playing brilliantly through an impossible situation.


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    thanks for sharing the title of the book. I'm glad that you are finding such positive influence!

    I have to say, that I have been through some pretty rough things in my life. Not abuse or anything, but definately life changing and life altering. I am a firm believer, at least in my life, that there are tremendous lessons to be taken out of the bad experiences you go through. I have learned much and become a better person/mother for having faced a survived the rough stuff.

    I am, as still described in my profile, an optimist. Looking for the good in every situation is a way to always keep your blessings and your potential in the forefront. I do my best to instill this in my children.

    As I've said here before, if I open my eyes and put my feet on the floor in the morning, it's a good day!!!!

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    Thanks for sharing this-sounds like something I would like to read!
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    Reminds me of "narrative therapy" which I first heard about in a Martha Beck book. Thank you very much for this post...the books you mention are very interesting! I am likely to get this one! :D
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    I've read the first few's a winner!:D
    Thank you again!!!!
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