The Racist/Wacky bus driver Part III

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    Please bear with me. I'm so upset that some of this may not make sense, but I hope you get the gist of it. God, I hope I make some sense! This is my continuing fight to get this bus driver, who is a blatant, avowed racist, off my son's bus route. Remember that she freely admitted her racism and was suspended for five days for that and a camera was put on board as a deterrent to her racist comments. Is this enough? You be the judge...haha. Boy, am I warn out. I still want her off the route. So does hub. This is long so anyone who reads the whole thing deserves a medal.
    I got two educational advocates whom the Special Education Director of the school does not like because they are knowledgeable, to fight with me. We spent yesterday drafting a letter to the Superintendent. Apparently, he isn't taking hub and my complain too seriously because "it's not even a formal complaint." One of the peons who works for him slipped up and told me that. I hadn't even known about filing a formal complaint.
    I called our state Department of Public Education and they sent me instructions on how to file a formal complaint. THEN they also referred me to (hehehe) the Dept. of Civil Rights in Chicago, which overseas school districts in Wisconsin too. For the first time, I really felt anger on the part of the man I spoke with. He understood completely why I don't want my son driving with this woman, even with a camera on the bus. It helped that he is AA and totally understands discrimination and he listened carefully to my concerns without brushing me off. He sent me forms too, and when the Special Education Director heard about that, he turned five shades lighter. The last thing they want is a Civil Rights inspection here. Meanwhile...
    One of my advocates has a non-verbal child in a wheelchair and she was appalled that Wacky Know-it-all Bus Driver doesn't lock down the wheel chairs in the correct manner in which the chairs were made. She sort of does her own thang and won't listen to anybody AND THE BOSSES AT THE BUS COMPANY LET HER GET AWAY WITH CUTTING CORNERS. Well, my advocate e-mailed the Dept. of Health and reported that the drivers and aides on this bus are NOT trained to take care of handicapped kids, are NOT locking down the seat belts correctly, and know NOTHING about seizures. And the truth is, we had NO training on seizures, so I applaud her efforts to force this bus company and the school district to do a heck of a lot more training before throwing clueless people in a bus with vulnerable children. There are thirty or more types of seizures. Bus Driver and aides have no medical training. How are we supposed to identify a seizure? And, if we do, how do we identify which type of seizure needs a 9-1-1 phone call. This Wacky Bus Driver kept calling 9-1-1 on a nonverbal child who had seizures. The child may or may not have been having them--she didn't know (although she claims she DOES know because "I have a friend who has seizures and I looked seizures up on the internet.") Um, that's comforting, huh? She refused to bring him to school the day after she perceived he had a seizure and the teachers were up in arms insisting that he needs to go to school. His family had put him on the bus, but she insisted he was turning colors and "I don't want to go through 9-1-1 again." I think she's wacky and likes to play hero. His family was not thrilled, but they have limited English and I think she intimidates them. She intimidates everyone.
    I am hoping that my fight to get her off Lucas's route is successful. I'm certainly going to bring in all I can as far as help. Lucas's social worker, who has known him forever, is going to call both the school Superintendant and the bus company and strongly express why the driver has no business driving Lucas. Her attitude is, a camera won't muzzle her. If she sprouts racism, as she already has, the damage is already done to the child. Big deal if it's caught on tape. She already devestated the child and she says, "WHy take the risk?" She admitted her racism and has not apologized nor changed her views and is a loose cannon. I'm hoping the social worker, who is quite a tough broad, can make them see how bad it is for my son, who is pretty defenseless at sticking up for himself, could be mentally damaged if she slips up. And she COULD slip up. My advocates feel I have a good chance to get what we want because the school district isn't really going to want to deal with this. My hub is involved now too and he can look pretty mean and he takes no B.S.
    In the end, I hope Lucas gets a new driver and is it mean to hope the driver gets fired? I want the bus company to have to do more training for the drivers of children who are so vulnerable and in wheelchairs. I want the kids to be as safe as possible and the employees to get training (which we didn't).
    When I walked off the job, I knew it would be forever before I'd get another job, if ever. I have such severe learning disabilities it is so hard for me to get work. But I couldn't just work there, and see all the violations. The bus company boss didn't want me to "talk to anyone." The last day of work, Miss Wacky Bus Driver stood over me, insisting I was seatbelting the kids in wrong. How can you seat belt kids in wrong? She is a big control freak, yet she doesn't know what she's doing so I walked out and decided to let other parents know about the miscues on the bus.
    But my main concern is my own son. As God as my witness, this lady is NOT going to drive my son to school. I will fight to the end to get her off his route or else force the school district to send him by taxi at their expense. And, hopefully, this battle will result in better service for the handicapped route.
    This is a lady who allowed her children's abusive husband to brain damage her son, yet she still had contact with this man and allowed him visitation. She didn't have to tell me her story, but she has no understanding of boundaries and she did. I can't bring this up at the meeting, but if she didn't protect her own child, bless his heart (he's so sweet, but he will never be more than an eight year old mentally), is she really capable of protecting anyone else's kids? WHY DOES THE SCHOOL DISTRICT AND BUS COMPANY REFUSE TO CHANGE HER ROUTE TO THE TEENAGAERS? At least the neuro-typical teens would tattle on her if she was inappropriate. The tapes on the bus are only looked at if somebody complains. How many Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids and non-verbal kids and "slower" kids will complainl about the bus driver??? I'm very angry. I hope I don't sound as wacky as the bus
    Anyways, I felt I owed you an update. This is coming to an angry head. I'm so glad hub is on the same page with me.
    Thanks to all my friends who read this. I so value your input and support.
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    You are AWESOME!!! I'm fighting a major battle here for other kids as well (I pulled my daughter out of the school because of all of the garbage going on!), but I can't sit back and allow this witch to continue!

    I'm loving the updates! Great job on husband as well! Nothing like standing by you!


    :flower: :dance: :thumbsup:
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    Good for you for standing up for what is right!! sorry you even have to be going thru this, but once that crazy bus driver loses her job and those kids arent at risk of her disregard for their safety, it will be so worth it!! hugs and prayers are being sent your way!
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    I just can not believe you have held it together this long!!! i would have lost it by now... Or be in jail... You are fighting a fight for a lot of people!!!
    Good for you, and good for all of the people who are sticking with you!!!
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    omg! You get em girl. That is just wrong on so many levels, its not only racism but its abuse of the disabled. My little brother has cp(cerebral palsy) and rode a bus like this. Those ppl were trained in everything to do with the disabled. I remember my mom fighting tooth and nail getting things done at our school to help my brother. and by the time he was in high school they had several programs set up for the disabled. So you keep on fighting, and you are totally right to not want her on or near that bus!!
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    Keep us updated.

    I am glad you've got Civil Rights involved with this. I was hoping they would be able to give you some advice.

    And to say there was no formal complaint in place! Why ever not? Surely when you fronted up and talked to the principal, AND the bus proprietor, they made a note of it? Simply you fronting up should have made this a formal complaint. If they did not record it then they are guilty of sweeping it under the carpet, in my opinion.

    Carry on with your steel-capped boots.

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    Thanks, all.
    A formal complaint HAS to be made through the "proper channels." It has to be in writing, so I spent yesterday sending out my complaints in writing to everyone, including the office of Civil Rights (Education) in Chicago IL.
    Meanwhile, one of my advocates has a non-verbal child in a wheelchair who has seizures and she is concerned that the drivers and aides have no formal training in seizures. She also feels that the wheel chairs should be locked down correctly, as the chair is fashioned. She is writing to the Dept. of Public Health about the lack of training drivers/aides have on this handicapped route.
    All in all, maybe this will not only help Lucas, but the other children too. I was greatly disturbed while I worked that route. The bus company itself seemed highly disorganized and the two bosses didn't seem to know amongst themselves what we should and should not do.
    I wrote to the Superintendent and the Director of Special Needs telling them I was going to tape our meeting because I have learning disabilities. Heck, they didn't even think I could seat belt a child in right; it would be hard for them to deny that I'd need "help" remembering the meeting. I feel that the taping of the session will lead to a more productive session and less going off topic. I can't imagine how they can deny me the tape recorder.
    I've already sent copies of everything to the Office of Education Civil Rights. Every single note I type or pen goes to them--they will know all the details.
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    Good for you MWM!! I'm glad you are still pursuing this!
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    You did good, MWM! You took on Wacky Racist Bus Lady AND "The System" and it looks like you're winning! Is this "lady" related to anyone she works for or is there any other reason that they seem to be protecting her the way they are, overlooking so many glaring problems? Ordinarily, just the hint of racial insensitivity, even a single comment, from someone in the school system is enough to send them packing - at least it is here. The system doesn't want to have to deal with angry parents or the media. There has to be something more going on here.

    It almost sounds like that's what's happening. Someone with her racist attitudes and backward outlook wouldn't last two days on a regular bus route - picture her with a bus load of racially diverse teenagers, high school kids! Both the kids and their parents would be up in arms after the very first day, the first time she came out with an inappropriate comment! So they put her with the most vulnerable kids, the most defenseless kids, the ones least likely or unable to complain! Looks that way anyway. You're doing a very good thing here, MWM ... not just for your own son, but for all the kids.
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    We live in an unenlightened community. The school district is actually good with this, but the bus company isn't. The guy in charge of the base and the owner (who resides in Green Bay WI) are both "good ole boys" and I am guessing they just don't like a woman telling them who can drive the route. I can't think of any other reason why they can't make it simple and just switch drivers. Now they are going to have to deal with my "good ole boy" hub who is a ten year vet and doesn't put up with any B.S. I jokingly wonder if she is sleeping with the From what she told me about her life, she slept with everyone else. I don't think it's that though. I really do think the bus company is making it personal--I don't LIKE the driver (ya think, lol) so I want her off and it's just a tiff between the two of us. They don't realize how serious it is to let a racist and a control freak who makes medical decisions without any training drive around vulnerable children. If I can, I'm going to let as many people as possible know. The Health Dept. is a great start. Anyone who drives that bus should not only be free of prejudice, but should have CPR, knowledge of seizures, and an understanding of how to correctly buckle in wheelchairs. There should be training and there isn't. There is a generic tape about locking down wheelchairs, but there is NO specifics about how to lock down the particular children's chairs who we drove. While Racist Driver was willing to correct her wrong lock down of one child, she stubbornly refused to correct the locking down of the other one, claiming that the boss told her she could do it her own way. Whether that's a lie or the truth, it's scary. The bus company should INSIST that she lock down that chair EXACTLY as it is fashioned. She did another disturbing thing once. We have a hyper little girl and Racist Bus Driver thinks that if you just get her in tight enough she won't wiggle out of her harness/seat belt. She rides a harness one way and a seat belt another way because there are not enough harnesses (I know, it's nuts). One day, she got angry at me for belting this thirty pound four year old around her fuzzy jacket. RBD didn't like how fidgety the little girl was and barked, "You have to belt her in TIGHT or she can get out." (She can get out anyways. She knows how to unbuckle seat belts). Anyways, RBD pulled up her jacket and pulled the belt tight around her little abdomen, telling me I have to lift t he jackets and belt the kids around their tummies. Um, no. That's dangerous. These kids actually don't weight enough for seat belts at all, let alone tight seat belts around their bellies. This woman has several screws loose and if she drives a bus at all should drive teenagers who will blow the whistle on her if she acts absurd. I suspect that's why she likes the handicapped route. The kids can't or won't talk about her.
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    Wow. If anyone can do it, you can. You've made a good start.
    Way To Go.
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    You've mentioned twice that you have learning disabilities. I
    sure as heck don't read any signs of it! :smile: You are doing an outstanding job! Good luck. DDD

    PS: I'm sure you don't need any suggestions but, lol, I can't help it......I've been a Mother for almost fifty years and it is
    ingrained! So. Don't forget to keep a record of every phone call, conversation, note, letter etc.