The rumor is confirmed, pretty boy is leaving.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?


    It was announced sometime yesterday.


    Now, we may get someone worse. I realize this. We may get someone just like him. I realize this, too. But...his head-on, confrontational, doesn't know what to do with difficult child so we'll just throw him out methods aren't working, and, as they say, "do what you've always done, get what you've always got" least with some new dude coming in, we have a chance to improve.

    Now. Please pray.
  2. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Fingers crossed and prayers being said that this school gets a progressive administrator that is there to serve the needs of all the community's children.
  3. helpangel

    helpangel Active Member

    Thank God!!! and I will pray that the replacement is better then pretty boy. I still suggest get and read thru the discipline policy for this school and if still having problems get an advocate to help with revising his IEP.

  4. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Whoohoo!!!!:) Crossing fingers that the replacement is a good one!
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Maybe that's one reason he was less-than-helpful in coming up with solutions for difficult child -- short-timer syndrome, isn't it?

    Sure hope you get more cooperation and outside-the-box-thinking with the replacement!
  6. JJJ

    JJJ Active Member


    I still have hope that our pretty boy can be taught but I am glad yours in going, going, gone!!
  7. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    YES!! [we need a punching the air icon]

    And a replacement possibly being worse - HOW!!? Surely pretty boy is as bad as it can get?

    Here's hoping he takes the sycophantic aide with him...

  8. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Definitely study all district policies, highlight the appropriate ones, and be ready to quote them at the drop of a hat. That's helped us many times, so much that we haven't had to go to district level and fuss and fight.

    Saying prayers and crossing fingers (it's too hot to dance right now, maybe around midnight?) that the replacement is much, much better!
  9. daralex

    daralex Clinging onto my sanity

    My suggestion is to give the New "pretty boy" a handful of protective outlet plugs as a welcoming gift!!!
  10. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Prayers being said that pretty-boy's replacement doesn't also suffer from a cranio-rectal inversion.

    Good riddance to PB!

  11. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    I like KTmom's, Marg's, and Dara's ideas ...