The scale WAS my enemy...

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I had been ignoring the scale for the past few weeks because every time I stepped on it thinking I'd lost a few lbs...tada! I was still the same number. It was only slightly disheartening as my clothes were feeling less snug and I felt better, I noticed that the fat on my upper arms were no longer looking like sausages but were now hanging like wings...a sign I'd lost some fat for sure!

So, this morning, just out of simple and stupid curiousity, I pulled out and stepped on my scale. Guess what??

I have lost 10 lbs! How freaking cool is that?? :peaceful: Now I am only 11 lbs from my goal weight. Also, about the batwing upper arms, I suppose it's time to stop talking about pilates and actually go to the class to firm up a bit!

Yeah, I am happy.


Many people feel it is best to weigh once a week while losing and once a day while maintaining.
Keep up the good (fantastic) work! :D


Mom? What's a difficult child?
yeah!!! Yes I have heard the same thing about that thing the scale...
Good for you!!!


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Great work Jo!!!!

I've got the bat wings as well (and some "wings" some other places I won't mention). My gym put me on an actual weight building regime to boost my metabolism and fill out some of that loose skin.

Keep up the good work Jo!!!!


I'm very proud of you - Way To Go!!!

All of your hard work and determination are really paying off!!! I think you should reward yourself in some way - Go get your nails done, have a facial, a massage, or buy yourself a new outfit, etc. - You deserve it!!! WFEN

hearts and roses

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Thanks everyone. I rewarded myself by taking Sunday off, which I will tell you was a mistake because it started something...once I allowed the naughty side of my brain to take over, it ran over into Monday! I bought a giant bag of Spice Drops and ate more than half yesterday - my schedule was all messed up and I never ate lunch. Ugh.

But it's all good, because I'm back on track today. So, Reminder: DO NOT reward yourself with food!!! lol.

WFEN, I take my nails off for the summer, haha, and I'm broke, so my non-food reward will be weeding in my gardens UNinterrupted by difficult child, H, phone, pets. I love weeding.