The school changed my son's IPRC from Partially Integrated to Withdrawal....

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by fuddleduddledee, May 5, 2010.

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  1. fuddleduddledee

    fuddleduddledee New Member

    Not sure what to do now? The school changed my son's placement from Partially Integrated to Withdrawal. They changed every single child's placement fin the Asperger's classroom for next year to Withdrawal. Now they can close the program. This has all been done behind the backs of the parents, sneakily and on the sly. My son is 18 now, an adult here, and I think they got him to sign something he didn't understand. Not sure how they changed all the other students' placements but they did. The classroom will become a resource room, instead of an asperger's class, with only one Educational Assistant in place. This is down from one teacher and two EA's to supervise and assist. My son was thrown into a withdrawal placement in grade 9 and it was a miserable failure, the EA assigned didn't have a clue and my son ended up frustrated and running out of the school into a main street right into the path of a very large truck, the driver was on the ball and managed to swerve and avoid, the police were called to restrain my son and he almost ended up in the psychiatric ward on a 72 hour hold. With only two more years of high school to go, I became complacent, I stopped fighting because I didn't think I'd have to fight anymore, sigh........ This change will not only affect the next two years of school but will also impact his college or university accommodations. Any suggestions?
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    I'm shocked. How did you find out about this? Have you questioned the change of placement yet? I would find out how this came to be without an IEP meeting because it does constitute a change of placement. If your son was asked to sign something, get a copy ASAP.

    Hopefully Sheila will see this and can address whether the age of the disabled student has any bearing on their ability to sign on their own behalf.....

  3. slsh

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    It does sound like the services are changing (ergo it's a change in placement) - therefore an IEP meeting should have been held before those changes were put into the IEP. Placement is not so much a physical location as it is the services that are provided.

    Are you your son's legal guardian? If so, is the school aware of it? Once the kids hit 18, the SD doesn't have to include you in on anything unless you are *legal* guardian. You should have received a letter from the SD advising you of the transfer of parental rights to your son when he hit 18 - I think I got a letter when my kids hit 17. If you're not guardian, you son will have to authorize a release of info to you if you want to see anything he's signed.

    Bottom line - sounds like an IEP mtg needs to be held to review the change in services (placement). If you're not legal guardian, your son will have to request the meeting. He *can* and should request that you be invited to the IEP meeting - per IDEA "at the discretion of the parent (or student if applicable) or the district, the IEP Team shall include other individuals with knowledge or special expertise regarding the child, including providers of related services". Yep, you've got special expertise. ;)
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