The sick little ones

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    I'm sorry to hear about all the little ones being sick... Sounds like many of our difficult children are coming down with something... My difficult child is also sick, or she has been for a few days now, anyways. This morning she woke up and decided all on her own that she wasn't going to school, but didn't tell me. She just sat there and watched me help the little ones get ready...until I realized that she had to be on the bus in 10 minutes and was still in her pajamas. I asked her what she was doing, she informed me that she had a headache, and a temp of 105 and she was going back to bed after her sisters left. Of course upon hearing a scary 105 temp, I grab the thermometer and tell her I am taking her temperature. She decides to pick that moment to give me a fight, claiming she JUST TOOK IT and it was 105 and she needs medicine, not me checking it again. I check it, and of course it wasn't 105! For the record, it was only 99.6. But nonetheless, since it was still slightly elevated and she HAS been sick, she did get to stay home. She has been good most of the rest of the day, except normal little teenager things...she used the rest of my conditioner in the shower this morning, even though she has her own, she refused to go out the back door for 5 seconds to let the dog back in the house, etc.

    All in all a pretty okay day for having a sick difficult child at home. I have started my Abnormal Psychology classes at school finally, which made me think that I REALLY need to spend more time interacting with everyone on this board! One of these days I may have some great and wonderful insight into....I don't know...SOMETHING that might help someone!!! And next semester is my diagnostic practicals...I will get to actually train and learn how to diagnose the disorders that we deal with here everyday.

    I will be applying to grad school for next fall, and in about 3 years or so I should be a licensed psychologist! I don't know if that is exciting or scary! In reality though, I feel like MANY of us parents would not have NEARLY the problems with our difficult children' mental health teams if some of their doctors had LIVED through what we have, raising our own difficult children. This is what prompted me to want to do this, because I know that there are SO MANY parents out there who leave their psychiatrist appointments thinking "if only that joker behind the desk had spent a week in my house!!" I feel like living with 2 difficult children of my own will give me a sense to help the parents as much as I can help our kids.