The SpEd Coordinator called me today

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by flutterbee, Nov 4, 2008.

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    She wanted to see if Wynter needed any help with her assignments, etc. I hadn't gotten around yet to rescheduling the IEP (my health wasn't cooperating). I told her about the issues with the IEP and she agreed that we could do more and we are going to reconvene.

    I'm really less than impressed with her DEC teacher this year. The SpEd Coordinator is going to sit in on the meeting.
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    Heather, I think it's great that the coordinator called you! Usually we have to do the calling. My difficult child's case worker at school is also the coordinator and she has called me twice this year already to check on difficult child and how things are going.

    Glad you have the meeting scheduled. It's good to have one after our difficult children settle in a bit after the start of school, but not too late so that positive change can't be made. Keep us posted on how the meeting goes.

  3. Sheila

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    Wow! That's great!

    It's so nice to hear when sds approach a student's Individual Ed Plan proactively. Kudos to yours!