the summons arrived


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ant got it at his apartment today. he is frazzled for sure. he did call and is to set up a public defender on tuesday. the hearing is sept 4th morning. one felony three misdemeanors-his 4th DUI and the felony is for the car wrecking into the cop car-attempted murder with a vehicle sort of thing. in reality the girl he was with pulled the car into reverse while ant was driving and the cop car hit the back end. her car had to be towed and she had her transmission fixed for 1400.00.

he has called multiple times with worry. I told him to take his klonipin. he doesnt want to. it is a good chance he will go to jail that day or by sept 11 at the latest. he is trying to prepare and has not said he will run. I think he is going to face it like a man.

he has a 6 month lease til november on his place. I am sure there will be complications of moving his stuff back to my garage etc at some point. other thoughts, but I do notice I am not frantic. our three day family reunion (yes 3 day-my dad was one of 17 and I have 103 first cousins and they all have families) is the 3 dys before his hearing so he will get to see all our big family before he goes. he has missed the last 4 reunions.


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Hoping he can remain calm as this progresses.....that he isn't in jail until the hearing is good news. Hope he gets a good PD...thinking of you both....


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There has to be some relief in having the paperwork finally arrive. Now it is at least a "known" that can be dealt with.
As always I am hoping for the best. DDD


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Hope he can hold it together and face the consequences of his actions.

I hope you are able to enjoy the reunion and forget, if just for minutes at a time, all that is happening with Ant and Kaleb.

Big hugs and prayers,


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sending good thoughts for you. I hope ant can hold it together. You did everything you could for him. He made bad choices.....again.


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Ya know......there has just GOT to be a crown in heaven laiden with many, many jewels for you my friend. Hugs, prayers and a dash of extra patience. Good to see you again.

Hugs & Love


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I'm very sorry. At least he's not running. I'm sure your mommy heart hurts. I hope he's able to stay calm.



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Well I am sure you feel a little better knowing the summons has been served. I am glad Ant is doing OK so far. I feel nervous for him, I can't imagine how he feels.

How are you doing? You sound good. September 4th is not too far away. I will be thinking of you.


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All considered, Ant did good. He made the call for a public defender and he isn't making sounds of running. Hopefully, he'll show up for the family reunion and stay sober.

I'm sure there is relief that this will finally be resolved.



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At least the paperwork has arrived. I'm hoping that the more serious charge is going to be eased back at least. Surely they can't be serious - or is it just bargaining power, so he will plead guilty to lesser charges?

I hope you can sort out the lease for him, too. With enough notice, could he sub-let the remaining time, so he's not out of pocket?

Hugs from down under to you all,



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When my son has been involved with the judicial system, he's never been charged with the original crime, its always back down to something lower. Is that a possibility?

I know this roller coaster has got to be taking a toll on would on me. Take care of yourself Janet.


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ant is very interested in the family reunion. but he wants to bring his own beer-he will be riding in my car. I told him no alcohol will be transported by me and I will never have him drink around me. he can make his choices and I will make mine as to what I can accept.

he has a security deposit that could be used to pay sept rent if he goes to jail. that leaves oct and nov. they can sue him if they want to but I think they will let it go. the owner's own drug addicted brother in law lives in the downstairs apartment with the owner's sister. ant's problem. not mine.

I do think they may reduce some of the charges, but in reality he can go back to jail for 5 yrs simply for parole violation of getting arrested again.

again. his choice of lifestyle. when his life hurts enough he MAY stop. I have my teary moments thinking of the way it is when he is in prison and his son. sometimes the tears just run down and I am not even sobbing. the thought can turn it on. yesterday was one of those. boyfriend leaned over and literally kissed off the two tears streaming down. He has stayed with ant for a year mon thru friday, giving him work and teaching him. he feels bad too. he will ride ant to the courthouse in the new county on tuesday morn to apply for a public defender. (it is a new county and an hour from me but near boyfriend so he knows the way)

the rest is up to ant.


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I'm so sorry you are going thru this, yet again. It never seems to stop does it! I will keep you in my prayers, stay strong. I know I'm not one to give out any great advice as my life is slowly unraveling, but you have survived so much, and I know you will again, you are a strong lady.

My oldest has court again on the 30th, have no idea what will happen.