The Televised Man Hunt for the 19 year old brother...sigh!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. DDD

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    I have watched/listened to too many hours of the Hunt. My impession is that the older brother has a history that seems to point to an interest in terror. He is dead and I think he was around 26 years old. Now there are searching for the 19 year old. Everything indicates that he has been a good American teen. He's won an academic scholarship, starred in wrestling, volunteered helping others and college friends say he was kind, funny, helpful etc. He doesn't sound like a difficult child.

    This afternoon I'm thinking....wouldn't it make sense for someone in authority to publically make repeated statements addressed to him offering a controlled safe way to turn himself in with-o fear of being gunned down?
    Maybe I am being naive but so far I have not heard a specific reference to him using firearms. I just fear that this kid may be killed with-o any opportunity to tell his side of the story. Just a few minutes ago a business owner was on tv saying that the day after the marathon that the boy came to his auto body shop and was polite but was biting his nails which the man had never seen him do in two years. I want him to survive and if he is guilty get punished...but I think he may be killed with-o the story being told. So sad. DDD
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    DDD, I tend to agree that this will not likely end with the brother alive. On the other point, he is on video robbing the 7-11, so he doesn't seem altogether innocent. That being said, I do think that his brother was the instigator. It reminds me of the Difficult Child sniper and the young man he took under his wing (if you could call it that).
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    I'm very liberal so I'm not hardheaded about criminals or anything, but this 19 year old knew about this act of mass murder and terror and I don't think he is anything but a huge difficult child who is worse than most. He is bright and old enough to know this was going to cause t he loss of many human lives and I hope he is locked up forever. I'm sorry. INNOCENT PEOPLE WERE MAIMED AND KILLED!!! And he could have stopped it if he'd gone to the police. He didn't. Too bad for him. They don't need to kill him by any means, but I think he plans on killing himself. I don't believe he will turn himself in under any conditions. I don't believe he is of a sane mind anymore. We'll see.

    Off my soapbox.
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  4. lovemysons

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    Honestly made me thinks of my difficult child's. The older the extrovert the younger the introvert. And how the older likely was the leader and little brother went along. Sheesh that sounds familiar, sigh.

    But what I don't get...Is that all the reports I've seen so far of those who knew the brother's doesn't sound like anyone ever saw or heard anything "off" that is just strange to me. One would think that someone somewhere down the line would have had something negative to say.

    Anyway, I agree with you DDD...I don't think this 19yr old is going to make it out of this situation alive to tell "his story". On the other hand...if he did these bombings he should die.

    Don't want to forget all of the victims in this act of's all very sad.
  5. witzend

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    He's caught. "In custody". That doesn't necessarily mean that he's alive...
  6. TerryJ2

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    DDD, he was apparently a follower, but he did rob a store (7-Eleven I think) and both of them shot at and threw weapons of some sort at the police. He could have gotten out before then but he was no goody-two shoes. At some point, you cross the line between been an accessory and a major league perp.
    The more I read about the family, here and in Chechnya and Russia, the more dysfunctional I think they are. Couple that with a history of violence (iow, real History, as in history books), and you've got a very bad situation.
    In America, we all view ourselves as individuals. We are one of the few countries that still does that. Sometimes, it is to our detriment. If there are other family members involved, you can bet that there are friends involved, and then when does it become a movement?
    From this moment and this vantage point, I cannot know if there is a bigger picture, but I can say that if there is one and we ignore it, we are fools.
    In the meantime, I'm going to bed. I'm so glad I don't work for the FBI. I can actually take a break ... :)
  7. DDD

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    I didn't mean to indicate that I thought he should get a slap on the wrist for his participation. Sadly there is no chance that he is an innocent easy child BUT I feared for his life and feel sad that he is facing such dire consequences all alone with no support system. Time will tell, I guess, if he was a passive follower or an aggressive instigator. Meanwhile it is good that we should eventually know how this nightmare got spawned. Of course, more importantly, my heart goes out for all those who were killed and injured. DDD
  8. donna723

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    I think they've figured out now that the 7-Eleven robbery was an unrelated incident involving other people.

    Not that it absolves him from any responsibility for the horrible things they did but the younger one seems to have been hugely influenced by the older brother. When the newscasters were speaking to friends and acquaintences of the brothers, the older one seemed to be bitter and hostile. But the friends of the younger one all described him as being pleasant, friendly and gregarious, and they all seemed stunned that he could have done such a terrible thing. For the record, I am glad that he is still alive and hopefully will recover, if only so that he can stand trial and they may finally be able to get some answers to the big question ... "Why?" It seems almost impossible that these two were completely independent and not part of some organization or group, even if loosely formed. They seemed to have money and access to expensive late model cars that they shouldn't have been able to afford. Who knows. There is a picture circulating on Facebook that give me chills ... it shows the younger one walking down the sidewalk right after planting the bomb and he is walking directly behind the little eight year old boy who was killed and the little sister who lost her leg. Hard to imagine that there is such evil in this world!
  9. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure how I feel about the Miranda Rights being denied. The whole thing is sad and strange. DDD
  10. Calamity Jane

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    I felt kind of bad for the younger one, bleeding and hiding in that boat, because I thought he was just a dupe of the older brother - that was until I read today the younger one went back to the Darmouth dorm after the bombing, after he knew he killed that little boy and the two young ladies, and he partied, hung out with his friends and twittered that "there's no love in Boston, stay safe people." This was after he KNEW what he did, every step of the way, but before he and his bro savagely killed that poor cop sitting duck at MIT. Horrific, soulless, savage.
  11. 1905

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    An intelligent 19 year old without any history of trouble is very clear on what he is doing. If he were in my boat, he would have been shot. We have a gun leaning by our back door. It's always there just in case. The majority of people are naive as to what some crazy person may do. A close family member was tied up amd held at gunpoint during a vacation to the Grand Canyon, undersrand where I'm cominv from. The world isn't a perfect bubble, you don't know until something bad happens.
  12. Malika

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    I thought the ultimate irony was that, having shot him in the throat, the police complained that they wanted to question him "about a million things" but could not for the moment...
  13. donna723

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    I understood it that he was probably already wounded from the exchange of gun fire when his older brother was killed, so it may have happened then or it may have been at the confrontation at the boat. And I only read it in one article but it was saying that HE may have been partly responsible for his brothers death by running over him when he was trying to get away!

    And I understand why he did it but personally I think the boat owner was pretty foolish ... and lucky! If there was a big manhunt going on in my neighborhood and I noticed a big smear of blood on the tarp covering my boat, I think I would call the authorities instead of going out and peeking under the tarp myself to see if he was in there! He's extremely lucky that he wasn't shot!
  14. SomewhereOutThere

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    I would have turned him in too.

    I don't care if his brother influenced him or not. He is a terrorist. He is 19 and old enough and smart enough to know what would happen if he participated in his brother's folly. He did shoot at people too. I don't have much sympathy for him.

    Again, this is a liberal gun hater talking, but NOBODY kills our American innocents out of some stuplid religious extremism and gets any sympathy from this gal.
  15. DDD

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    I do believe that there are many inaccurate stories floating around the Country...some where reporters "honestly" get info that they believe is correct and others where reporters are not professional enough to double check sources. I'm sure we will all hear the bottom line....when it comes. DDD
  16. InsaneCdn

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    This is another case where the real truth may never be known - or not known by "the rest of us".
  17. TerryJ2

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  18. DDD

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    I somberly am waiting to hear about the "suspect" who was misidentified and whose body was found in the river. Yeah, it is possible that he was so frightened about being dragged into custody as a suspect that he purposely drowned. on the other hand It is frghtening to realize that some "good citizen" killed him in the river. Good Grief. I hate this stuff. DDD
  19. SomewhereOutThere

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    So they shouldn't have shot him so he could kill more people? I'm sure he can write down his answers.
  20. SomewhereOutThere

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    I hate this with every fiber of my being. I am so anti-violence. Innocent people get hurt; others panic. It's inevitable. I lay the blame at the door of the two terrorists who caused the chaos and fear in Boston. As forgiving as I can be, I have no use for cold blooded murderers.