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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. toughlovin

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    Hi all,

    Well things have been a little up and down... difficult child has not yet gotten a job and I think there are some questions about some things....not sure about all of it really. But he is still at the sober house at least.
    But I have been a little worried as us moms do given all that we have been through.

    Today I get this text "I just woke up and wanted to tell you I love you. Thank you for everything."

    !!! I couldnt decide if this should make me happy since he hasnt told me he loved me like that for a very long time especially without asking me for something else!! Or should I panic and was this some kind of last statement before he killed myself. I called my husband and he got the same text and had the exact same concern as I did.

    So I texted my difficult child as well as called my friend who runs the sober house. Nope my son had an overnight aaway from the sober house with a girl! I dont know much about her but I gather from my friend that she is nice and she is sober.

    So my difficult child was just feeling loving towards us this morning!!! I will definitely take it!!

  2. PatriotsGirl

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    That is awesome!!!!
  3. Nancy

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    Aww that's so nice to hear! I assume he came back to the sober house....another big step.
  4. Calamity Jane

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    Only a mom of a difficult child would receive a text like that with trepidation. I want to laugh AND cry at the same time!

    Maybe this girl is helping difficult child to accept love, and the next step is to share love. That's what it's all about. :fingerscrossed:
  5. toughlovin

    toughlovin Well-Known Member was so out of the blue. I expect he got some good lovin last night!!
  6. AmericanGirl

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    i understand. All difficult child parents second guess everything.

    its great he is where he is. Hope the girlfriend is good for him and good to him.
  7. scent of cedar

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    I would have thought the same.

    Was the wording the same on both text messages?

  8. SomewhereOutThere

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    Savor the moment. Hope this is a turning point for your precious child :)
  9. toughlovin

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    I am still feeling nervous and a lot of trepidation... the texts to both my husband and me were the same. I think he sent the same text to both of us. His responses to both of us askign him how he was doing was slightly different but consistent. I think I feel trepidation because I know there are some issues at the house and they are kind of waiting to see what happens. I am still afraid he will get himself kicked out and be back on the street.... but I really dont know that, it is my fear talking. I do think no matter what happens my friend out there will continue to help him which is good.

    I am however touched and happy that he voluntarily sent us an I love you message. He hadnt said he loves me for years until I saw him in March where he told me he loved me in response to my telling him I loved him. That was a big moment... so the fact he did this completely on his own means something.... but a part of me is still distrustful and I guess that makes sense. Only time will tell.

  10. PatriotsGirl

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    Hey TL - you can put multiple phone numbers on one text and send out... :)