The things we do for enjoyment and money!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jabberwockey, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. Jabberwockey

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    Got up before 5 am this morning since a friend from work could get me on a spot to hunt. Its the bonus deer season for antlerless only and since I want venison, not a trophy buck, I have no problem with this. We got rained out. It was down pouring at his house. Not good hunting weather. So I napped for a few before Lil got up to take our son and his girlfriend to sign for their apartment. THEM not either of us! Long story short, we ended up moving them in today. As Lil was doing the final running with them, I called work. I have renewed my Corrections Officer certifications so I can work overtime as we are down by a third of our custody staff. They told me to come in so I worked from 3 to 9:30. My alarm will go off at 4:50 am again as I'm going to try to go hunting in the morning. Lil thinks I'm crazy.

    On a side note, I've managed to accrue almost 35 hours of overtime in less than two weeks. If anyone in or near Missouri knows someone, NOT Difficult Child's!!! LOL!, that needs a job tell them that Corrections is hiring.
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    Oh the things we do for the things we love.
    We'll be up at 5ish tomorrow morning... for our usual Saturday love-in routine (up and breakfast and load truck and out of the house asap... )
    And then the same the next morning, to start a business trip to visit a client.
    And then the same the NEXT morning to get into the heart of downtown in that city to see that client...

    And I am NOT a morning person!
  3. Jabberwockey

    Jabberwockey Well-Known Member

    Fun thing is, we have the family Thanksgiving at 1 an hour and a half away. Could be a long day tomorrow.
  4. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    Hope you didn't get rained out today... and that you managed to bag something.
  5. Lil

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    Well he did go hunting this morning. Got home about 11 a.m. with venison...frozen venison given to him by his work-friend, lol, because he never even saw a deer. As soon as he got home, we both showered and jumped in the car and drove an hour and 40 minutes to get to his brother's for the family Thanksgiving. We already expected to only stay a couple hours, because Difficult Child had no way to work at 5:30 and, since Jabber was going to be beat anyway, we figured to leave early.

    I'm posting this because - his cell phone rang just as dinner started. The prison wanted him to come it at 5! So we scarfed down dinner and dessert and were back on the road before 3. I drove and he napped in the car and he was on his way to work pretty much as soon as we got home. We spent about double the time in the car that we did with the family. I then ran the boy to work and Jabber will probably pick him up at 10 when he gets off...if he gets off earlier, I'll do the running.

    We can't skip church tomorrow because we're lighting the advent candle. SO...we'll be up early again tomorrow. He's going to be just exhausted! We never expected he'd be putting in time again tonight!

    Who wants to bet on whether he goes hunting after church tomorrow?
  6. InsaneCdn

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    I don't "bet" but...
    I'm pretty sure he'll do his best to give it one more shot (sorry for the pun) - because if they didn't even SEE a deer, he didn't have a chance.
  7. Jabberwockey

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    Didn't go today. Too tired and its raining again. Still have next weekend though. Tired enough that I didn't call work either though.