The time is right look at what this MOM did!

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by TheOnlyMe, Dec 19, 2008.

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    KHOU Channell 11 TV (Houston, TX) did a segment on Special Education Thursday (12/18/08) evening.

    Parent had video taped a Speech Therapy session of her son who attended a SISD school.

    I sure would like to know how she did it!
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    Thanks for posting this! I think you should put it on The General forum too!
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    ok thanks!
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    I broke out a movie camera at school during an observation. Taped recess for five minutes (standing next to three teachers on yard duty).
    Only the principal came by and told me to stop. She didn't even say anything to the teachers for letting me do it.

    I did hear they called the cops on another parent that tried taping recess from the street. Since he was not on campus property, I don't think they could do anything to him.

    Took pictures another day in class during a party (other parents did to). Teacher was even in some of them.

    Of course it is all against their rules. Most teachers will not stop you, or tell you to stop, especially if you are just focusing on your child. Also, small cameras are easy to bring in and not cause a fuss.

    And thats not even trying to do it secretly. Just call it the child's multimedia project for another class.
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    In one of this years, ARDC we got the approval for my son to tape record the "lectures" but the teacher had to turn it off and on and it couldn't be while instructions were being given. So I searched for answers and here is where the SD's are wrong in the confidentiality catch all statement!

    Here is what I sent to them and of course received no response! Yet this case law makes a very strong point!

    Here is the case law Plock V. Bd of Educ. Of Freeport sch. Dist no. 145,07 c 50060, (N.D.I11. December 18, 2007).
    It basically stated that there is no expectation of privacy as to what is said in a classroom. What is said and done in a public classroom is not merely liable to being overheard and repeated, but is likely to be overheard and repeated. The court cited Evens v. The superior court of los Angeles county, 77 Cal. App. 4th 320, 325 (2nd Dist 1999)

    (finding teachers expectations that her communications would be confined to the classroom unreasonable that such communications "will virtually never be confined to the classroom," and that students "will and usually do, discuss a teachers communications and activities with their parents other students, and other teachers and administrators.")Any expectations of privacy about communications taking place in the public education classroom subject to the proposed audio monitoring in this case was found to be inherently unreasonable and beyond the protections of the fourth amendment.

    I believe we should have free access to observe our children at anytime while in their classes! We are the SEA more than the ones who are suppose to be doing the monitoring!