The time is right look at what this MOM did!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TheOnlyMe, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. TheOnlyMe

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    KHOU Channell 11 TV (Houston, TX) did a segment on Special Education Thursday (12/18/08) evening.

    Parent had video taped a Speech Therapy session of her son who attended a SISD school.

    I sure would like to know how she did it!
  2. totoro

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    I love stories like this. Exposing the SD and maybe getting some help for our kids? One day?
  3. TheOnlyMe

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    I wish I knew how she did it I found her name on a website yesterday, and she is in my district! So I am going to try to network with her!

    Well I really believe the time is right for the Parents to rise up and be one united voice to bring our plight to the forefront of attention. I was on another forum and reading posts from Jan of this year, and I wrote the following article in about 30 minutes, which has lead to other open doors, like a you tube video mentioning the article, TAMU-Difficult Child possibly going to print it and distribute it at the conference in February in Austin.

    I tell my friends if I am chosen as the "Rosa Parks" to stand up to ignite the unity of the parents of 7.1 million children "IN" Special Services in the USA, then Lead me! Just as in the past, it is "time out" FOR 30 years of injustice for laws which are not enforced, and it ALL boils done to the Almighty dollar, they pay now to educate or they pay later one way or another!

    Sorry for the Rant but it is just such a passion in my soul: for all the parents of the children WHO don't know their rights and the children are being damaged due to not knowing and then the SD's say "WHAT? you expect us to catch your child up 6 years", when they have been in SS for 10!