The Tutoring Experiment Is Over

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Oct 28, 2012.

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    This was the third week that difficult child was to tutor easy child in math. It was a colassal failure. The whole math curriculum has changed since difficult child was in the third grade and he thinks that the way that they are trying to teach them math is "stupid". easy child doesn't want to learn how to do it difficult child's way because that is not what the teacher is teaching it. While I agree with difficult child that the new program sucks (and I'm not the only parent who feels that way), I have to also agree with easy child that he needs to learn it the way he is being taught it so that he can pass the tests. difficult child "quit" because I wouldn't make easy child do it his way.

    Now husband says he's going to step in and try to help easy child with his math. I'd like to see that happen! It's about time he got involved.
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    Poor difficult child. I understand why it is hard for him to change! Seriously we are teaching a new math curriculum this year and I'm having fits with it! It is not the way I like to teach math and, in my opinion, it is going to be harder to prepare kiddos for what they need in middle school. That being said easy child is correct in saying he needs to learn this. by the way, I'm still sneaking a lot of the old stuff in.
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    Oh wow'll have to let us know if he really steps up! I still think it was great that difficult child and easy child gave it a try. Sorry it didn't work out though.
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    I agree with you, Buddy. It was nice of difficult child to volunteer in the first place, but now he also sees that teaching something to someone else is not always as easy as he thinks it is. I'm not surprised that it ended this way, though. I knew that difficult child could not be patient enough with easy child to get through the work and I knew that easy child would get frustrated with the work and difficult child would not know how to talk him through it. Not that I'm knocking difficult child for that. I struggle with talking easy child through his frustration at times and I'm the adult! I knew it would be hard for difficult child, but he wanted to help so we gave it a try.

    As far as husband goes, we'll see if he actually steps it up and tries to teach the new math to easy child. At least I can print out practice pages from the program's website, so the work that we use for easy child's tutoring sessions is actually work from the curriculum. I will keep you all posted about it.

    It seems like alot of the kids are struggling with the new program. easy child got a 67 on his last math test and his teacher was THRILLED with that grade. I questioned her as to why she was so happy about a grade that is barely above passing, and she replied that "a large number of kids" in the third grade at easy child's school failed that test. So many that they decided to let the kids who failed re-take the test. And she feels that the reason easy child did not fail is because of the support he is getting here at home.

    At least the poor kid is getting support somewhere.