The ups and downs of the Thanksgiving weekend so far....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mom2oddson, Nov 25, 2011.

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    I got all my baking done on Wednesday. Steph came over at 3:00 and helped me get everything ready. It was so nice, My little girl was back!!! We had a great time.

    The lady that was supposed to bring the Rott by to see how everyone got along....forgot.

    brother in law/sister in law and kids arrived about midnight. easy child got in about 30 minutes before that. So I had a house full!! SILs son is exactly like Ant was at that age!! But, when you are not the mommy, it's a lot easier. husband has been sober for not quite 4 yrs, so this was his eye-opening experience.

    Dinner yesterday was unbelievable! We had about 20 different choices on the dinner table and 7 different dessert choices. easy child says this is why he will never miss a T-day dinner at home.

    The Rott came over today, It did not work. He is a sweet loving dog, but he's afraid of husband and easy child. Then, Ms Annie, who has always tolerated other dogs in her house, went on the attack to this poor guy.

    The rest of the weekend should be good. easy child and I are going out to dinner as soon as I finish typing this. husband and I, along with some friends are off to a concert and dinner tomorrow. Then Sunday will be football.
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    Sounds absolutely wonderful. Glad you are having a great holiday week-end!
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    sorry the doggie didn't work out but glad your weekend is otherwise going well.