The Wait for Info...ughhh

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    Well, I have made phone calls all morning. I feel good about taking action to get help, but I'm not one for the wait, LOL!

    1) School principal- she isn't in today- I'd really like her opinion

    2) The place doing the studies that Smallworld sent me info on- I looked this up online and am not sure that difficult child will meet criteria for any current study, but the online info looks good since maybe they can put him inpatient for a few weeks (it isn't local, but not too far away), take him off medications and check him out, and he'd go to school while there, so I left a message asking if we could discuss if difficult child meets criteria

    3) Parent Education Advocacy Center- I want to know if they have any other ideas and I had to leave a message

    4) CSA coordinator (the person in our jurisdiction in charge of this community "team"- I finally found a contact person and number!!- I have a call in to get info

    So, now I just sit and wait as I fidget with my anxiety, LOL!!

    Thanks to all who have sent me info...!!

    And Star, the info you sent was helpful- the private providers can be accessed thru this team so looking thru their online info about services offered gives me a little more knowledge about what to push for and what to stay clear of!!
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  2. Ropefree

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    Is that like having a list and checking it twice?
    Monday here too. I have a meeting at the school and a headache.
    Best of luck in all you do today.
  3. smallworld

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    Good luck. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.
  4. klmno

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    Thanks! I forgot to add that difficult child's therapist is supposed to call today and difficult child sees PO later this afternoon. He's making something to eat right now (for us both) then he says, he is going to school. :)

    Never mind that he'll only be there a couple of hours, it's already so late. And the only reason he's going is because there is a field trip tomorrow that he really wants to go on. But, in order to go on the field trip, he must get to school on time tomorrow. I'm going to have to send an email to his school CM and asked that she just take advantage of anything to motivate him to get him there right now and we'll worry about catching up HW after he gets back in the routine, right now my biggest concern is getting him back in That routine!!
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    difficult child went to school for a couple of hours and was even excited about it! He's talking about quitting band though. :( He's behind since missing so much this school year and other kids are giving him a hard time- he feels bad enough about it without that. Anyway, I was going to email his band director but wanted to difficult child a little time first.

    The therapist called and I filled him in. He said the things I'm checking into sound like good ideas. He reiterated that he thinks I should just get questions answered and find out info first, but not commit to anything yet. difficult child and I both like him quite a bit so far. Thank goodness- I hope this lasts- a good therapist that we both like has been a long time coming!! :)

    We saw the PO- I kind of kept her talking about "other stuff". I gave her a copy of difficult child's dr's note from last week so she would know for sure that difficult child had been ill. And, I gave her a copy of his last report card which was ok (B's and C's mostly), not great but acceptable. So, she's happy enough for now. :)

    No one else called me back though. :(
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    Glad he went to school. Glad the therapist called back. I hope the others call back soon!
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    I'm glad you made the calls, the doctor sounds good. That's a great thing. I'm glad he went to school and was excited about it.

    I hope you get the call backs soon and some helpful information.

    (((hugs))) hang in there :)