the weather could not be more weird

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by dreamer, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. dreamer

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    well the other day we had minus 9 degrees...and when wind chill was factored in, it was minus 40 degrees. We had so many large snow storms, and we had over 3 ft of snow on our front yard...the banks and drifts were as tall as 12 feet tall. we had a couple ice storms day my car was drifting on ice even when I was not trying to drive it. then last nite it began to get very warm. it was 50 yesterday in the daytime.....I was out chopping ice in a tshirt, cuz I was too warm.
    Today it was 60 degrees......thunderstorms, tornado warnings and watches all day and 3 inches of new rain on top of all that massive amounts of snow melting. The gas station here lost its roof......there is standing water EVERYWHERE. and it is deep. Yes, we have floodwater in our house, too. we also had very very very bad fog yesterday and today.
    Now it is supposed to evenetually stop raining and start to snow and the temps are now supposed to drop again below freezing. SO in less than a week, we have had ALL kinds of extreme weather. I hope where ever you are you are safe in this weird weather.
  2. dreamer

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    I heard I think they just said 100 MPH winds today here. Yikes.
    I know the one day it was very cold it was also extremely windy, too, with lots of local wind damage.......
  3. Andy

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    That is weird weather. Never knowing what to wear. The dangerous weather in all degrees - freezing, strong winds, tornado, flooding - Your head must be spinning!

    I hope you you are able to stay safe in this rollercoaster blind oncoming weather pattern.
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    We were sub-zero earlier in the week with a lot of wind - had to have a friend come over and fix the door going out to the patio that the wind was trying to take down. Ice on Tuesday night. 50 degrees and raining on Christmas Eve. In the twenties on Christmas Day. Warming up on Friday with thunderstorms. 65 degrees today. High of 40 tomorrow.