The worst of times-- the best of times

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Martie, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Martie

    Martie Moderator

    Hi everyone,

    Today started out very badly. We had to have Chloe put down :crying: :crying: :crying: She lived through easy child's graduation (we took her with us) and enjoyed having all four of us "home" just for her for three more weeks. She was alert but could no longer stand (she's been rocky for about 6 months--good pain control with Rx medications, though) It is very sad as all of you with beloved pets know. She was the best dog I ever had and I've always had at least one dog since I was a kid except for two years in college.

    I don't know if I mentioned this earlier but the second round of ex-difficult child's competition was today. He came home from Korea late on Monday incredibly tired and jet-lagged. He slept for 36 hours straight and then practiced for a total of about 4 hours. I kept telling him that there would be other competitions and Korea was more important.

    MrNo called about two hours ago: HE WON! :bravo:

    This is unbelievable that he could pull this one out. He is giving a concert tomorrow but I can't be there :nonono: . I did not want to put undue pressure on him by making reservations when I did not at all expect him to win. I am actually floored....I mean--no false modesty, he is very gifted and cool under performance pressure but he so stacked the deck against himself, there seemed to be no way he could win, but he did.

    I am very, very happy for him. I just wanted to let the "old-timers" know how MrNo is doing.

    Martie :smile:
  2. tiredmommy

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    I'm so sorry to hear about Chloe; I know she was a good friend and companion. She will be missed. Congratulations on Mr No's win & easy child's exciting start on a new life! You must be so proud of your kids.
  3. timer lady

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    Martie, so sorry to hear about Chloe.

    Congrats to Mr. No & easy child - leaps & bounds, lady. Leaps & bounds. Mr. No's growth amazes me & gives me hope for tweedles dee & dum.
  4. smallworld

    smallworld Moderator

    Martie, I'm so sorry about Chloe. Our pets have a way of wiggling their way into our hearts, and we really feel the loss when they are gone.

    But on the flip side, Way To Go to easy child and MrNo. I'm sure you savor those sweet successes even more because they were so hard won. Congrats!
  5. jannie

    jannie trying to survive....

    What great news about Mr. No :bravo: :bravo:-amazing!!

    I'm sorry about your Chloe. I know it said to lost part of the "family"
  6. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member

    Im so sorry about Chloe. :crying:

    Im also in amazement that it is time for easy child to graduate!!! Where on earth did the time fly? Congratulations to her :smile:

    MrNo...what can we say? I am in awe of his talent. I keep expecting to turn on the tv one day and hear about this famous young man and just know that this is who he is. It will happen one day and I can think...I knew him Well kinda.

    Congrats Martie on making it this far.
  7. helpmehelphim

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    Martie! That is so incredibly awesome for your ds!!!! Wowser!!! I'm so excited myself just sitting here and typing!!! Man! It's not just about him winning to me (although...have mercy, you know) but rather, all the effort that he puts into things!

    Life is so complex. You really nailed it when you headed this the worst of times and the best of times...I'm so sorry about your pet. I am so happy that Chloe brought you such joy for so long. I'm so glad that you had Chloe! I send you a big hug.
  8. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I'm sorry for the loss of your pet.

    Congrats to Mr. No!! :bravo: :dance:
  9. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Please accept my sincere condolences. I'm sure the loss of Chloe
    is just as painful as any family loss would be. Hugs DDD
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    Awesome success for MrNo. :bravo: :smile:

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your family member. :sad:

  11. Martie

    Martie Moderator

    Thanks everyone!

    I heard from MrNo--he said the concert went well. I wish I could have been there-next time...:smile:

  12. Sunlight

    Sunlight Active Member

    Mr No seems to have evolved into MrYESYESYES

    sorry about the pet. sigh. I still miss mine and it has been years! with my transient lifestyle lately, I cannot get a new one...wouldnt be prudent.