Their might be some hope yet for difficult child. Good surprise.

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    My 13 year old difficult child worked taking tickets at the fair, helping a gymnastic company last year. difficult child is very motivated by money. She worked so well last year that they asked her to work again this year, though she isn't affiliated with the gymnastics school any longer. She worked two 10 hour days and then she worked a 5-10. Another group saw her working so hard they asked her if she would come and work for them today 1-10 pm. They told her to bring a book and a chair, she's have some free time. She is so excited because she is saving money for a laptop.

    I am so proud of her and quite frankly pretty shocked that she is working so well. She has cried to me a couple of times about how sore she was. I was supportive and told her she could do it, so I did the good mommy thing. I was very worried that she would not be able to keep her mouth quiet and get herself fired. She did tell me that there were some rude people at the fair and she really had to work hard not to say something to them!!!!!!!I am so happy that she got it, she actually got it. Don't curse or tell the people off and you can keep the job. In my book this is a reason to celebrate.

    Just wanted to share a great difficult child moment!!!!
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    That is so awesome. She has apparently learned a valuable lesson (with some help from mom). Is that courtesy carrying over to home yet?

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    That is so great!! It is a big accomplishment for any 13 year old, but for a difficult child? Just AWSOME!!! Enjoy and celebrate.
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    She wasn't home a lot this weekend, but Friday night she called me and wanted me to order pizza. I had been cooking all night with my oldest daughter. difficult child doesn't like the food that we cook. She got a little testy on the phone but not real bad. I surprised her by taking her a turkey, tomato and lettuce sandwich and some pretzel thins. She was so nice and said thank you mommy and gave me a big kiss. My head spinned and I had to make sure that she was not a look-a-like and I had picked up the wrong kid.
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    Most EXCELLENT Congratulations to you both!
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    What a delightful post. Thanks for sharing some joy. Hugs DDD
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    Great news!!!