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    I finally had some time with just easy child yesterday to talk about their trip last week. He said he doesn't think he could ever travel with difficult child.

    1st - when they got on the plane difficult child was questioning every little noise. easy child said there is always some humming and noises from things going on outside. He said difficult child would not stop. What's that noise, what's this noise...etc. easy child said at one point he almost said, They are screwing the wings on, but he said he bit his tongue. Then he said difficult child said "sounds like they are bolting the wings on". LOL..easy child said he is glad he didn't say it.

    Even though husband didn't mention anything difficult child did, easy child said even husband was turning his head like he didn't know the kid.

    Then downtown Pittsburgh. They were going to go up in one of the tall buildings that had a restaurant/bar at the top. difficult child wouldn't go. Argued and said he'Learning Disability (LD) wait at the bottom. Then come to find out that was closed after 9/11.

    Then walking around downtown, difficult child was afraid he would get mugged. Then it was too cold, then his head hurt, then his legs hurt. easy child told him to go sit in the car because he and dad are enjoying it.

    He was afraid of everything and easy child said dad's friend was really nice and was able to talk difficult child into doing things without much of a fuss.

    Now the kid is 14 years old. He is acting like he is 3. How embarrassing.

    easy child wants to go to California to visit my brother. LOL - maybe I should buy TWO tickets and give him a gift. Take difficult child! hahaha.

    easy child and I had a really nice talk. That trip made a world of difference for all of us. I don't know how long it will last, but for now I am enjoying it.
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    Wow... that must have been real stressful for everyone including difficult child. I think I'd be working on his anxiety... it sounds like it's through the roof.